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ABC4Income is an E Commerce Online Service, Business Brander and Referral Training Platform. How Admin started she invested in grabbing lifetime or yearly upgrades at all the down line builder programs you see listed.

She is a seasoned online entrepreneur, co- founder and developer of the Dollarwise Network. Established 2009.Sharing her blue print she follows.

Life Style Coach & Mentor for everything affiliate marketing related.

Your investments and promotions will determine your income.

Most Important set aside some time to Set Up YOUR ABC4Income Network. 

Earn credits for clicking links in the emails you will receive from members. Look out for these emails in your inbox. It's a great way to earn credits and see the best offers that members are promoting. This is the 2nd highest credits earned after making Referrals. Want to send Solo Email Ads to all members? Visit the Buy/Setup Advertising section to post.

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Use the Browse button to select an image from your PC. Newbies unsure view the training video.

  Click the browse tab and upload your picture.

Full in your details in the Edit my detail section.








Log into the back office and start with clicking Edit your detail!


Add the complete links for your Blog, Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

Quick access change my user name to yours to generate. 

Check in often and duplicate my posts.  Adding to your social media outlets.

Click Edit your Links.  Generating your personalized Sales Page with Five of your Online Working from home business opportunities + 4 of Button Banners and one 468-60 Banner Link.





CLICK SET UP Down line Builder at the LEFT.
Sign up to each site by clicking the blue title links.
Enter your username/affiliate id in the spaces below and then click 'update' to save.
Admins Tip! Be sure to log into this page daily Click the links and blast your promoting for ABC4Income.

Once completed Rinse Wash Repeat Joining the down line builder programs At Maree Designs And Traffic Marketer Pro.


Click at the left View My Referrals. To see how your promotions are working.

Once a WEEK Click Email My Referrals and use our unique plug in to email your list.

Click Affiliate Tools.

Admin has invested thousands designing great advertising material for all our team to blast promotions.

Find all your Splash Page, Banner Tex Links, Email Marketing Material. 

ACCESS great Photo links to add to your blog page, article writing pages at LinkeDin Etc.

Make sure to select the right photo or banner size when promoting.

Url Rotator! Unique Plug in.

Reward your team. Set up competitions.   Set up a team advertising Coop. 

Email referrals asking if they would like you to advertise for them adding their link to your advertising rotator..

Viral Url Cloaker.

Having trouble advertising some promotional links. Cloak your link then advertise at Facebook etc.

Or design a splash page FREE at Click Voyager.  Then promote the Splash Page directing to your link.

Daily Log into ABC4Income.

Set up your HTML Adds.  This is the time consuming part, but well worth the effort. Once you have set them up.  Simply log in daily and click at the right POST>

DAILY View Traffic Links, Text Adds, Html Adds.  Earning points to redeem into advertising.

Weekly Click Set Up Advertising.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Admin randomly rewards members random advertising packs for participation! EXAMPLE Where it reads.  You have 4 banner(s) to add. Click here (CLICK) to set these up now.

Weekly Click The Training Pages as admin updates these often.. 

Commission Payments.

I have seen many changes online with payment processors. Example Paypal in 2016 stopped Traffic Exchanges and Solo add sites using them as a payment processor.

So I changed to Payza which closed down in 2018.

I was one of the first sites online to be verified with Coin Payments.

When I launched my bitcoin site Traffic Marketer Pro in 2017.

YOU may request commissions earned paid to your bitcoin wallet.

Making payments to my Coin Payment Wallet. YOU do not need to be a member.

Just copy and paste the wallet address and bitcoin to pay. Then send via Block Chain.       I recommend to set up your bitcoin wallet HERE.

Find all the training videos for bitcoin in the back office at Traffic Marketer Pro.

If members make a payment using Coin Payments. But do not complete the process.

This is a  copy of the email I send them.


Hi Lucy I see you activated a subscription at my Traffic Marketer Pro Website. Special Offer #1

It can seem quite confusing. Do not stress.
If the purchase times out.
Have this video open in a second browser window.

It explains how to make the coin payment via your bitcoin wallet.
Let me know how you get on.
OR you may send directly to my block chain wallet the amount.
0.00266000 BTC

Make sure to add a note when paying what you are purchasing.
OR click reply to this email.
If new to the world of online marketing
Check out this offer at my ECA Store.

Click the Triple Click Tool Box to see the great benefits you receive.

Admin Maree
Click reply to this email and ask any questions you may have.
I Am Always Ready To Support Members Getting Started.