Remember to go and get your Wave 3 Link to earn also.

Why I love Face Book. I have just connected with a lovely lady from SFI. She has her own ECA store.
Lets all support her and Connect.

I logged into her site to find my Wave3 link to share. 

Do the same at My ECA Store.

Click on an individual item she has for sale.  Click on the share and Win Button.
Copy and paste the link you will see. View the Example. 
Then go and blast at Facebook.  This is my example.
Connect with Local ECA and be in to Win.
If your friend spends $20 or more at TripleClicks in the next year—on this or any other product—
you’ll automatically earn 300 Member Rewards Points!
Add the link here . 
screenshot_433Within Five Minutes I had a new Triple Clicks member on my team.


• Buy this item with 4,525 MRP or 134 T Credits.

• TC Members earn 5 MRP with each purchase.

• SFI Affiliates also earn 146.00 VP with each purchase.


FREE advertising using your MRP rewards or T Credits. 

Select the package you wish to purchase.

Click add to Cart.
Click Continue to Check out
You will see the order form. Enter your Area code email etc.

Check all empty boxes have the details entered
click Continue
Tick Payment box you wish to use.
Wait to verify box to appear then tick. Example I used T Credits.
It will read
Your cart totals may have changed. Please verify the new totals
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click
 I have reviewed and agree to the Triple Clicks Terms & Conditions.
Click the box at the right Place MY Order.

Supporting our SFI friends. Earning Commissions at the same time 

To view the ECAs in your country, see:

OR select from one of the stores below.

Select the individual package you wish to promote from this ECA Store.
Click the grey box SFI Affiliates. At the right it will show in detail your earnings you receive..
At the left it will display your link to promote at Facebook etc with your SFI id inserted
Show your friends and family the great bargains you have purchased.
Tell them no out of pocket expense as you are purchasing what is already added to your house hold budget


My Motto: No matter what shape or size you are, everyone is entitled to look great. Specialist for the fuller figure.

No factory productions here. Each garment is individually cut then sewn. I provide unique garments with that
individual quality. Stand out in the crowd, in a classic Maree Designs.
25 years experience sewing and selling at the Christchurch Art Centre at the Weekends.

Dollar Wise is a website I set up for my down line free step by step training on how and were to promote their SFI website.
Be sure to check out my standing orders for traffic hits to your personal SFI free promotional link.
I add a tracking code so you can view your progress. 24/7 Skype Support included.
Also Standard Orders to build a collection of Earthquake photo's from 2011

Connect with Terry. United States.

Suwannee Signs And Mailbox Posts

Calling all Stall holders Arts and Crafts Suppliers.
Members are waiting to view and do a little shopping.
Register FREE now. Got a business Need a Website.

Need Look NO Further.
Weekly I go to my Local Mall and withdraw my earnings from the Master Card Triple Click Supplies. Awesome. 
Sign up then send me your Store link to add to our Sales Page I share with all our team.

Want to triple your sales.  Apply FREE at Triple Clicks. 

Can you take photo's and add them to the computer. 

Then lets get you started.

Do you have access to local markets to source stock to list for sale at your ECA Store.

OR clean out the house turning all those unwanted treasures into gold.

I will support you with access to my easy step by step training guide to get your ECA Store on line at Triple Clicks   

How it works.  I want us all to prosper in 2015.

Join a Winning Team.

I am gathering all members from SFI to join our face book group and support each other with sales. 

We are a group of individuals listing all our local ECA websites plus members garage sale links at the one location. 

Making it easier for our down line to access our stores.

There are 1000's of ECA websites. What better way is their to help our down line achieve success.

By having all our ECA websites Plus Garage sale links at the one location.

Supporting each other.

Connect with our Face Book Page. 

We support each other by logging into Triple Clicks and connecting with each others ECA websites.

Being able to post new messages on hot deals etc at our group I have designed at face book.

Imagine if we all connected with each other.  

We could connect with local members, talking to individual customers supporting each other with sales and training.

We will be earning some serious dollars monthly 12 levels deep.

We all would be helping other members building their business while at the same time building ours.


Connect with  Produkto de Filipinas.  PHILIPPINES

Please be informed that I received plenty of stocks of macrame bracelets from my tribal friends in Occidental Mindoro.

Prices have been lowered so we can help them sell their stuff. Thanks for your support.

Macrame Lovander Necklace
Retail: $20.00 Save: $10.00 (50%)


Connect with  Navraj Worldwide Enterprises.  CANADA

Check out the great range of dancing toy speakers,  and Mobile universal products.Energy Drinks and lots more.