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Icon Got  a business, need a website. Explode your sales. 100,000 eyes waiting to view.
To all my SFI Team. Apply NOW. Not a member with SFI. Apply FREE. 

When Applying for your ECA  Store I suggest. 

Include your GDI website link. So they see it is Real Business.

Say you have purchased a Domain Ready to promote SFI and Products you will offer at your ECA Store.

No domain. Join here GDI. Select .ws domain and tick affiliate program. $10 per month.

My store will offer arts and crafts I will be sourcing from local markets, friends and family.

Offering a treasure trove of bargains and quality products.

I suggest to hit your local markets at the week ends. Offer to sell some of the stall holders products at your ECA store. Selling on a commission basis.  Once they start to see sales. They will be lining up to sign up.


Go global! Reach millions of shoppers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web.
Icon Put the marketing muscle of over one million SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products in over 20,000 cities in over 200 countries!
Icon No listing fees and no risk. Simply sign up, upload your products, and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount only when you make a sale.
Icon Triple Clicks further facilitates sales growth for you by providing you with your own, customized "T Connect" Website, a multitude of payment options for your customers, wish lists, gift registries, and much more.

ECA theme is "Plug into a world of new customers!" 

At Triple Clicks, we've made it quick, simple, and easy to sell the stuff you no longer need for cash (or great products).

Use Triple Clicks as your online garage sale to clean out your closets, attic, and garage! Easily list and sell dozens of miscellaneous items!

Why stash...when you can have cash? Or, convert the stuff you no longer want...into stuff you do! TripleClicks offers you thousands of new, brand-name products plus collectables and more, with new items added daily. It's your choice: convert to cash or products you want.

Here's how easy it is:


Register as a TripleClicks Member (if you haven't already). It's FREE and there's never any obligation.


If you don't already have some, purchase some Triple Clicks "TCredits" (for as little as 29 cents each) to use whenever you want.


List your items (each listing costs you just one credit). You can use up to 700 words and up to three photos for each item and we'll continue to run your listing for as long as you'd like.


Each time someone buys one of your items, we'll notify you with an email so you can ship the item to the buyer. Once delivery is confirmed, you get paid! It's that easy!

First impressions are ever lasting.

Along with your logo, your company profile appears at the top your ECA T Connect Website and will be the first thing your customers see when arriving at your T Connect page.

Its importance to your success at Triple, therefore, is VITAL! A succinct, well-written, and meaningful business description free from spelling and grammatical errors could entice your visitors to stick around, review your products, and perhaps make a purchase (or at least keep you in mind for future purchases). Whereas, a shoddily written, cryptic, overly brief description will only convey an unprofessional attitude. And NO description just says "I don't care enough to bother." Any visitors who land on your T Connect page will most likely leave your storefront immediately, never to return!

Most likely, your goal is NOT to drive customers to other ECAs. Fortunately, you can fix this issue quickly and easily. Keep the sentences of your store description simple and straightforward and relevant to your business. Be SURE to include the following information:

1. The types of products/services you're offering (i.e. handmade crafts and jewelry, proof reading services, etc.)

2. Why you're a great choice for customers (i.e. years of experience, variety and/or quality of products, great customer service care, fast shipping, etc.)

Your business profile should NOT include:

1. Your SFI Gateway (if you're an SFI Affiliate), nor any other URL address to any other site outside of Triple Your T Connect page is your actual storefront and is strictly designed to showcase your retail business and sell your items and services at Triple to customers. This is NOT the place to recruit affiliates or prospect for those interested in a business opportunity or redirect people to other Websites.

2. Information NOT related to your business. For example, although someone's volunteer work with Meals on Wheels may be a positive life aspect, it's really not relevant to his or her TC business selling cosmetics, electronics, or other unrelated items.

For more details and a helpful step-by-step tutorial, check out this section of your ECA Guide.

How it works...
Upload your products to TripleClicks
Shoppers see your products
Shoppers buy your products
We forward orders to you to fulfill
Payment is transferred to you

Apply for your ECA Store. Turning those unwanted treasures into gold. 

Got  a business, need a website. Explode your sales. 100,000 eyes waiting to view
I decided after the Christchurch earthquakes. Not to reopen another shop. Instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks.

To be successful selling through the internet.

You need a website. You will see by viewing mine. Presentation is the key.

First impressions are ever lasting. I highly recommend to join our SFI Dollar Wise Network.

Prosper in 2013. NO ECA STORE No Worries. Promote Mine.

Scroll down to the bottom left. You will find your advertising link with your SFI Id inserted.
Earning 15% commissions from Triple Clicks by promoting my ECA store.

How to generate an income with SFI?  Host a Party Plan Monthly.     

Go to your Local Markets once a month.  Inviting local businesses to set up their own online business when applying for their own ECA store. Which in return you will also promote.

If all our team follow this idea. Imagine the flow down effect 12 levels deeps. We all would be earning some serious dollars monthly.

Start Building up your Triple Click Sample kit monthly. Purchasing samples to show to family and friends.

YOU determine your SFI Business success with the input and time you will spend building it. 

Your SFI business is ideal for those who are inexperienced and are eager to see profit quickly.

It’s also perfect for those who have been struggling for years without making a break through yet.

How I began in 2013. Building my SFI business

I set about designing a Home Viewing Package to present to all my family and friends.

Introducing them to SFI at my Party Plan Parties I hold monthly. 

I offered incentives of free presents for bringing a few friends with them.

I also purchase some products from Local ECA Stores.

This is YOUR store by purchasing your shampoo, vitamins, electronics, clothing, gifts...etc you are in turn, supporting YOUR OWN business.  While introducing your family and friends also to this great business opportunity. FREE  They can decide whether to join or simply purchase products at your Party Plan Presentation.

Remember to have some goodies to reward them for their shopping. I often purchase when I see great items on sale at ECA stores as my giveaways at these home viewing sessions.  Also I use the gifts I received from SFI from the Leadership Challenges.

Spread the word about your daily achievements, winnings, etc. DAILY GRAND Drawing! You won: 100 VP.  30 Gift Card Package Win for redeeming codes with the Gift Card Competition.  Leadership Challenge, what level you are on. What were your winnings for the three month challenge.

When they start to see your earnings and  SFI team growth.  They will eagerly jump on board.

Shipping Costs Vary for each Country. I do a lot of targeted promoting for USA> The shipping costs are not very expensive.

I only purchase a few Triple Click products to show other kiwi's what products their American team will be selling.

I then suggest to all my American Team to start purchasing and building their kit to show everyone.

To members outside America. I suggest to them to build their kit with local ECA products

VERY important hold a Coffee Morning or Home Viewing monthly keeping people up to date with SFI news.

Explode your ECA sales. Prosper in 2015.   Promoting Via Our Dollar Wise Network.

This page is added to each individual SFI Training website I will design.

I will support you and blast your ECA Website link at my Facebook and Skype Network also.

I have my own Master Card supplied by Triple clicks. The beauty is I go weekly to do my shopping at Hornby.
Withdrawing my earnings from SFI and Triple Clicks that have been loaded to my Master Card.
I receive extra as payment is in American dollars. I just withdraw New Zealand Dollars from any Local ATM.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO NOW:  Log into Triple Click.

At the right click.   E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Center

This will take you to your listing Editing page.
Click LISTINGS MANAGER: View/Edit/Delete current listing(s).

Work out your pricing to include at least 15% to be paid to Triple click members promoting your sales webpage.
This is the best tool ever,
having members promote your business for you.

Generating Sales, SO BE SURE to reward them with great incentives

WHY they should choose to partner with you instead of other ECA websites.

1. Add* your company logo (or other company photo you wish to use).
2. Add* your company profile.
3. Check* your contact information, make sure it's complete and up to date.
Edit as needed.
4. Write your first connection message. A brief and friendly "Welcome, I'm delighted you've connected with <company name>, we look forward to being at your service" message would be perfect to get started with.
5. Set up at least one Hot Deal and/or Closeout if you can Can only do this 15 days after listed.
6. Start referring your customers who are not already TC members to your TConnect Website and ask them to connect with you.
This will both build your TC mailing list AND help you increase your Power Rankings.
7. Check your T Connect Website at least once a day. Very important!

At the right do a posting updating what you are up to.

This will appear on the stream post at SFI to do list for all A2A members you are connected with to read.

For shipping See link at the right Then click the blue writing for your country.
This will open a box. Enter postage amount click save

Important Tip:
Only customers in the countries you have added to your listings can place orders for your products.
To add additional countries, enter below the shipping/handling fees you require for the delivery options you wish to provide.

Lets List your first item.  Go to your website. Click at the right

E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Center You can always return to change it later.
Click List an individual product for sale
Enter the Item name and give it a code for referring back to.
Enter keywords that customers would search on to find this item.
Some examples.
Offline. Online. Internet. Cash. Money. Wealth. Method. Help. Place. Product. Buy Customer. Website. Profits.Xlrg. Clothing. Designer. Bargains. Cheap.
Recruitment. Advertising.
Department/Subdepartment(s)** Click the drop down box and select.
Select the best department for your product. Sub-departments may also be available, which will be displayed in the pull-down menu after you've chosen the department. Select as many sub-depts as you want.

Note: If your product is digital, you MUST select the Digital Downloads department.
Description*No HTML
Max 9000 characters
Choice Menus Select a Choice Menu here if your customers need to choose a size, color, etc.
Standing Order Select an option that suits.
Regular Price
Triple Clicks Retail Price
Though not required, this price should be less than your above regular price so as to show a TripleClicks discount.
Wholesale Price %
This is the % of your Retail Price retained by TripleClicks on sales. Minimum 15%.
Important! 15% is the minimum. However, be sure to enter a higher percentage if you can. This is because, the higher your percentage, the higher you'll be ranked in searches at TripleClicks. Our 100,000+ affiliates worldwide will also be much more likely to promote products with higher percentages (which means higher commissions for them).
Click the blue box and continue.
State Condition New or secondhand.
Available Quantity Remember to enter the amount for sale here.
Shipping options. Click the drop down box and decide.
I enter my own shipping fees at the right.
Will-Call Product Pickups?  Click Yes 

These boxes I always forget to fill in.
No Yes Is this a consumable product that customers might like

No Yes Is this item being offered EXCLUSIVELY

No Yes Would this item make a great gift?
Click the blue box continue to final page.

Add your photo's click browse and select your photo from your computer, then click upload.

Click the blue box. Continue.  Review your listing before clicking submit. 

Once a WEEK YOU MAY email all your  ECA connections.

Every 2-3 days make sure to add a Stream Post at the right at your ECA Store.

1st March.  New affiliates. An alert on your SFI homepage will remind members that they can transfer their VP with just one click. Check new alerts. Remember to rate your sponsors and set your goals. Daily do the to do list and check your VP Ledger.
Check my Face Book updates daily.  Connect with me mareesfi

8th march.   Lets start to have some fun while building our Team. I will design your SFI training website. Having all your links at the one location

12th May.  Newbies. Try and stay above the Green Line. Also aim for the fast track bonus.
Follow your To-Do-List, Read your LaunchPad Lessons. Collect all the VP you can.
Your Green Line is based upon the points the rest of the affiliates in your Class have received since they started.
Log In Daily and Accumulate at least 10-11 VP a day.

16th March. I use MRP Points to purchase 1 T Credit. Buy this item with 126 MRP. TC Members earn 5 MRP. SFI Affiliates also earn 102.00 Sales VP with each purchase. I then play knock out Trivia with this 1 credit. In to Win more T Credits and MRP points daily. Then Repeat. After 10 Bids. You can Spin N Win PSA Earning 1 action point per bid.

28th March Today spend checking your VP Ledger. Complete all tasks. Do the daily to do. YOUR goal Bronze Team Leader. Set up your standing order detail.php?item=212474
Use these T Credits to play the games daily. Earning more points.
Available ONLY for your first 10 days as a SFI Member!


Sell Your Products At TripleClicks!
Icon Go global! Reach millions of shoppers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web.

Got  a business, need a website. Explode your sales. 100,000 eyes waiting to view.  Apply now for your store  FREE.

I decided after the Christchurch earthquakes. Not to reopen another shop. Instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks.
Once you have your website. Just change my ID above to yours to get your promotion link.

Icon Put the marketing muscle of over one million SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products in over 20,000 cities in over 200 countries!
Icon No listing fees and no risk. Simply sign up, upload your products, and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount only when you make a sale.
Icon Triple Clicks further facilitates sales growth for you by providing you with your own, customized "T Connect" Website, a multitude of payment options for your customers, wish lists, gift registries, and much more!

To be successful selling through the internet.

You need a website. You will see by viewing mine. Presentation is the key. 

First impressions are ever lasting.

Training and learning is vital if you want to succeed.

When you  apply for your store.

Give them the link to your SFI training website.

Say you have purchased a Domain Ready to promote SFI and Products you will offer at your ECA Store.

NOT a member with SFI.  Join then Send me your SFI user name password and SFI Id number with ECA Store link.  Include some photo's of products with the email.

Start promoting your ECA website, with a Sales Generating Leads Program which includes  SFI training links. I also add all our Teams ECA stores to a shopping page at my website 

TConnect Website

TripleClicksView my "TConnect" Website (

TripleClicksReview Connection Comments (0 pending comments)

Click here and read your comments. Tick and verify for them to

be listed and seen at your ECA website.

Also Check at the top right for suggestions to reply to.

Processing Orders. Make sure to reply and verify within 24 Hours.

You will receive emails from SFI . Saying. TripleClicks Order Notification - please process immediately

First you need to verify all orders to get paid.
Go to Triple clicks. At the right click
E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Centre.

Scroll down to where it reads.

Orders & Sales Reports

Click where it reads.

Orders Manger: View Manage open and completed orders.

A page will appear.

ECA Orders Manager
Open Orders  At the right click the drop down box to view Open or Closed Click Closed to view if pending or paid. Open to verify orders.  THEN click GO.

Net Price Fulfilled/Shipped Via Tracking #

Enter in the empty boxes. Email VERIFIED                 Tracking enter SFI Promote then click GREY BOX GO                 

Terry Mills | ID# 12834552 | Executive Affiliate (EA2) |  Log out
December VP: 2090 | Total VP: 17198
Sponsor: Maree Wells 19
Contact your Sponsor/Team Leaders
You have

215 messages (1 unread)

Log into SFI.

You need to click the link messages.  Reply to them. Then delete them.


Calling all Members. Add your ECA link to Dollar Wise. Pooling our promoting. Item No. 282121 (Your ID No. Advertising)
Date listed: 2013-11-10 05:36:22
Dept/Sub-Dept(s): Business
Condition: New  Weight (Lbs): 0.07
Ship-To Countries: 199

You can alter and update every individual listing. click the links you see.





























Email weekly all your ECA connections..Keeping members up to date with your store.

I record the date I sent my last message.

My Example of one of my posts.

Welcome to all my new connections.
My name is Maree.
I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
After the Christchurch earthquakes I decided not to reopen another shop.
Instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks.
Explode your ECA triple clicks website Globally
Step by Step Guide on how to apply for your ECA Store and do the listings etc. detail.php?item=230314
You have your SFI business. You have a free website.
NOW you need to generate income and sales.
This is the plan to set into motion.
I will teach you how to Apply for your ECA Store here. OR set up your Garage sale on line.
Step by Step guide on how to set up your ECA Store adding your listings.
This is my ECA Store
I then offer our teams support in promoting your ECA links.
How it works. We are a group of individuals that belong to the Dollar Wise Network.
We all own GDI domains.
We use these solely to promote and build our SFI down lines.
I am gathering all members from SFI to join our Face Book group and support each other with sales.
We are a group of individuals listing all our local ECA websites plus members garage sale links at the one location.  Face Book.  Making it easier for our down line to access our stores.
There are 1000's of ECA websites.
What better way is their to help our down line achieve success.
I will add your ECA website to my SFI shopping page at my Dollar Wise Website.
We then support each other by logging into Triple Clicks and connecting with each others ECA websites. Being able to post new messages on hot deals etc at our group at Facebook.
Imagine if we all connected with each other. At our Face book group.
We could connect with local members, talking to individual customers supporting each other with sales and training. We will be earning some serious dollars monthly 12 levels deep.
We all would be helping other members building their business while at the same time building ours.
View some of our members pages.  Sadly some members applied for their ECA Stores.
Confused and Not understanding. They Gave up before even starting.
Team Support is the key mareesfi

New TripleClicks features and policies

 Effective immediately, we are testing some new features and policies.

1. All ECAs can now accept MRP as a payment option! 

Yes, you can now spend your MRP on virtually every product listed at TripleClicks!

2. ALL Price benders auctions are now open to ALL bidders from ALL countries! 

Here are the details:

For physical items, the auction item will be available for shipment only to US and Canada members (see silver/gold exception in FAQs).  If you live in any other country, you may now bid on any auction item, but if you win the item, you will be offered your choice of a TC gift certificate or a quantity of T Credits (each of which can be redeemed on virtually any product at Triple Clicks).

Here’s an example: You bid on a tablet and win.  But because you live in Germany, when you check out, you’re offered your choice of a gift certificate or a quantity of T Credits.  You choose the gift certificate.  You can now purchase a tablet from a local ECA.  Also, because it’s local, shipping time is likely greatly reduced.  In addition, many truly messy issues we’ve had to deal with–like shipping restrictions on the shipment of electronics (and other products), going through Customs, etc.–are also greatly minimized or eliminated altogether.  Yes, a gift certificate greatly streamlines Price benders for our international members!

Special Notes:

A. No exchanges (either gift certificates or T Credits) will be available on digital items.

B. All auctions winners will be required to pay the ending (winning) price before choosing to accept a gift certificate or T Credits.

C. The value of TC gift certificates will be our approximate cost for the item and will expire after 180 days (Pricebenders gift certificates must be used within 180 days).

D. US and Canada members who win auctions for physical products will actually have three choices.  You may choose to take the item won, a gift certificate, or T Credits.

Big opportunity for ECAs

We are very excited about our new gift certificates program for Price benders and we think it’s going to provide a much, much better experience for our international winners.  But we’re not stopping there.  To truly empower this program, we want to align the program with our ECAs in a way that makes the experience even better yet–while boosting the sales opportunity for our ECAs around the world, too.

What we want to see is our ECAs stocking many of the same or similar products that we’re auctioning at Price benders. For ECAs that accomplish this (and are proven and reliable of course), we will refer winners of gift certificates directly to you!

Example: You live in South Africa and you are the winning bidder for a premium cookware set.  At checkout, we would provide you with a list of ECAs in your region that have this or a similar cookware product available.  With just a couple clicks, you can place an order with the ECA of your choice for the product (or similar product) you won using your gift certificate…and potentially receive it in just a couple days!  Slick!

Big opportunity for ECA REFERRERS too!

Know any businesses that might like to have potentially hundreds of gift certificate winners sent their way with a big gift certificate in hand and anxious to spend it?  That’s the opportunity for businesses that are willing to carry and ship “Pricebenders-approved” products.  To learn more about the ECA referrals opportunity (which can include handsome lifetime royalties for you for EVERY sale your referred ECAs make), go HERE.