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Ask yourself this questions?

Did my plan In 2017 Generate an Income while building my Down Line?

Want to know what you should be doing? Year In Year Out!

You should be USING Our Maree Designs Down line builder. Auto team building for All your Sites.

Sign up if not a member with Easy Cash 4 U via your sponsors link at MAREE DESIGNS.

Everyone's becoming a Maree Designs student!
Why? They love Passive Cash, with the different income opportunities Maree Designs Offers.
Thousands of members from all over the globe use our system to team build any on line store venture they wish to expand.
MOST IMPORTANT... Join the down line builder program listed at Maree Designs BEFORE joining any new sites..


Click the banner to view what Easy Cash 4 Adds Offers.

Always log in via this link never Via Emails. Avoiding fishing emails.


When you log in you will see your Sponsors add.

This is so unique.  YOU set up your Sponsor Add then when any of you new members log in they will see your Advertisement.

You need to wait for the timer to count down. Then click ENTER members area when the banner appears.

How to access the back office.

Click where you see this icon top left. A Box will appear.


1... Click the referral link.





CLICK where it reads View YOUR Legs HERE!

Your down-line members are listed with a colored dot next to the email icon to quickly identify those members in your down-line struggling to get their qualifier sales. This makes it easy for you to reach out to those members who need your help the most. Remember that it is in your best interest to reach out to those members you see below who are not yet qualified. Helping them qualify will literally put money in your pocket.


 Must still make 2 qualifier sales
 Must still make 1 qualifier sale

You may also contact ME YOUR SPONSOR With using the information below: Retrieve Sponsor Details.

Most important read the entire page following the directions.

They recommend to use as an auto-responder Get Response or Aweber. 

Personally I prefer Traffic Wave. I have been with them since 2013.

Apply for your Auto - Responder Account.

Join Traffic Wave.  Here is where you can access your own SFI Reference Library.


Register free to receive My boot camp training.  Wipe the slate clean.

Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.

Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates. 



2... Click Bonus Income Builders.

I strongly suggest to Join Both Programs.  GDI was my very first affiliate program I joined in 2009. Need I say more.

Click the banner and sign up then return to Easycash4adds. Adding your GDI user name.

Receive Random Upgraded GDI Members as I share all new sign ups with my Active GDI TEAM> 

GDI pays out on 5 levels, the best news is they do so every month.

Check out this cool Page I designed with the Easy GDI web master.


The example above shows how you could make over $3900 per month if everybody just refers 5 people.

Now keep in mind, by the time you have reached your second level in EasyCash4Ads you would already have 6 referrals who will have the opportunity to join GDI on your first level . . . and remember, your EasyCash4Ads referrals doubles on every level.

The same goes for your referrals once they start their own legs.
GDI will cost you $10 per month, but more than that, we will show you how to use your GDI website to really make your EasyCash4Ads ad views work for you.

If you already joined GDI, enter your GDI username below  to have all your referrals join under you.



3... Recruit Strangers..

Here is where you will find your Affiliate Links.

4... Your AD..

Getting the most out of your ad views! Take time to read and review the entire page.

THEN add your business promotional link in the box supplied.  Click the Test and Submit Button. I enter my Maree Designs Link.

5... Members Contributions..

 I did not bother with these sites as I have designed my own Daily Routine supporting all my members. VIEW.


I use GDI as the Domain Provider to design my Personal Reference Library. Feel Free to duplicate. I offer to design individual GDI training pages for any GDI member struggling with the Web Master Designer VIEW my Fiverr Gig HERE>


6... Money and Profile..

Here is where you set up your Payment Processor I Selected Payza.

Promote your Easy Cash 4 Adds Link..  AT the same time team building GDI and Maree Designs.


















When you receive these emails BE sure to reply to the new members.

My name is Maree. I just got a notice from EasyCash4Ads that
you followed my link and asked to receive more information about the

Yes, they even let members know when their affiliate link generated an interested party.

Don't worry, you will still receive the information you asked for.
As someone who has been a member for a while now, I just wanted to let
you know the system works and it is awesome.

The owners are honest and listen to the members.

They have made it Sooo  easy to get sign-ups and even members are making contributions for
everybody to use. I can honestly say this is probably THE greatest
system I have ever joined.

Anyway, I promised myself I was not going to sound like a rock-n-roll
groupie-fan (lol), but seriously, I just can't help myself... But
please don't take this as me trying to hard-sell you... rather, I
just wanted to introduce myself and let you know you can contact me
anytime if you have questions. Just don't be put off by my
over enthusiasm.

If you need a refresher, or simply to decide for yourself without me
in your ears, here is the link again.


Hope to see you on the inside soon.

Have a lovely day :-)
Maree Wells

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New Leg Started
Hi Maree,
Congratulations, you just made a personal referral, starting a new leg. Remember, the more legs you start, the bigger and faster your income and ad views will multiply.

Keep up the good work Maree


Once you are qualified, this is what will happen when you

refer just 1 single person

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You Have A Hot Prospect