I am an online Entrepreneur with Over 9 Years Experience In Digital Marketing.
Each Gig includes a comprehensive training course to develop your skills and knowledge on how to generate a real income online.

Learn how to Build a better shopping and selling experience with viewing My gigs on offer for website developments, e-commerce services, marketing, E Books, short course modules with video reviews. Transforming any article you have written into a PDF File. 

I use the LFMTE Script at DWSEarner to generate my customers Id's for the cash back rewards plus the plugins, gathering all my clients to the one location.

Help & customer support is available daily at our DWSearner Surf Chat Bar And Facebook groups. Offering cash back incentives for spreading the work and sharing my Fiverr Store Gigs.

My research of affiliate marketing showed me it takes a person to see your offer at least 3 times or more to respond and sign up.

Cash Back Rewards For Customer's Supporting & sharing my Fiverr Store Link.
Basic.        10% of all sales.
Standard.  15% of all sales.
Premium.  20% of all sales.

I decided in June That Any Premium purchase Via My Fiverr Store.

Activates three months DWSEarner Leadership Club Entry.

Stock up today. Receiving one new three month share with every individual Premium Purchase.

A percentage of all sales from my Fiverr Store, are put into our Cash Pool Kitty for our admin watch fab cash back giveaways and the remaining cash at the end of each month is shared with My Fiverr Premium Customers.

Register your Bitcoin & Ether Wallet Address at DWSEarner to receive Payments.


  Start with locking in your Traffic Views for DWSEarner activating Admin Watch.

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  Next Make a One Time Payment and lock in your Standard Gig to Team with our Bitcoin Club at Traffic Marketer Pro.  Step Ladder Climbing.

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Gain access to the back office at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Listen to the videos and training articles related to Bit Coin.

Lock in the offer you will see to our Bitcoin Club.  Fast track it, step ladder reward it.

  This gig is ideal for Existing SFI Members. Activates ABC4Income down line builder Website.

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I am an SFI Gold Team Leader joining in 2013.
Sharing my E-Commerce Marketing Strategy that will convert your SFI Team Building into a Power House. Duplicate the same system if not with SFI for any Core Business you wish to expand.

  Maree Designs Online A-Z online school for affiliates.

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Gain access to your own pre-written website. Maree Designs.

In the back office find all the training videos and articles related to affiliate marketing.
My  custom - made designs & programming of my sites are Unique in their design.
Premium GIG! Newbies unsure how to plug in your links. Purchase Premium.
I will log into the back office and set up your website for you.
Just send me your links and let me do the rest.

  Pro And Cons.  A-Z PDF Files to start building your own Reference Library.

Three Step Set Up.                                     


Start With Basic! Receiving a PDF File about the Pros and Cons Associated with Affiliate Marketing.  This gives you an idea how to design your article for when I transform your draft copy of your ideas over to PDF Files to down load and save.

Share with your new customers introducing your business. Giving it that professional look..

By learning to create your own lead system by following The Program Daily.
You can then co-op that system with those you refer for maximum leverage.
Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life line of your business.
WHY join copy cat sites, when you can join the Original Working From Home On Line Program.
Being rewarded for every action you make. Unheard off else where.
SFI isn't just leading people into the future.
They are creating it with their ground breaking business model that has made it possible for thousands of people all over the world to profit from the Internet revolution.
Lets make 2018 ROCK!.. . 🌹🌸
Duplicate all correspondence you receive from me ready to share with your team members.


  Apply for your Domain at GDI. I design your website getting you on line.

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  Traffic Wave Members Struggling.

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Let me know which campaign you would like me to duplicate.

Join A Traffic Wave Guru's Team!  Member Since 2013.
I Promote My Splash page link I have designed throughout my Dollar Wise Network.
Select Premium! I will design an individual Campaign for any business with 5 Pre loaded letters you design and send me.
Working with your Ideas you supply to design your splash page.



It makes my day when I receive emails like this.
Excellent Maree,  Thank you so much!!

Your video tutorials,
& platform marketing system are so informative & inspiring and,
certainly cover from A to Z,  trusted & proven methods.

I am still amazed, to find new affiliates, from all walks of life,
who join SFI & do not have even basic computer skills.
Some are not even bothered to learn & leave without giving SFI a fair trial.

Your help & kindness has given me a source of income that I know is working & building daily.
Take a  bow & be proud of your enterprise you created that really has no limits!!
I am in "awe" of your boundless energy & resourcefulness, your attitude, your compassion & caring & kindness, towards all your many many friends & collegues.

Internet marketing is a big part of my life & will always be

Still I remain optomistic & will never say never.

If it is to be it is up to me!!

Kind regards.

Joseph. D.

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