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Log into GDI. At the left scroll down and click build my website.

To create a page like below. Click the Icon below the GDI webmaster picture.

Build my page. Mark the page invisible while designing it. Where you see publish.

Click the icon where the green tick is.  It will turn grey. Click it again when ready to publish page.

Below is an example of what the pages will look like once created.

Last edit
Last publish
Down Line 
Hacked Accounts 

Remember I have been doing this for years. I still make mistakes. Once I have created my page.

I click the icon under Visible. I click and make the page invisible while experimenting and designing the page.

Preview key. When you have finished designing it Click the Preview icon at the line of the page you want to view. It will open in a new browser window.

Always work along the line of the page you want to change.  Click EDIT to update page.

Green Tab Gallery. Click to view photo's stored.

Pages.  Will return you to the main page like above.

Plugins Click you will be able to see your Blog etc. Click edit to add a new one.

Do not stress if the page is to small. Just click above Page Height. A drop down box will appear with a + to make page longer. a - to make page smaller.





How to copy the pictures above Left click holding the mouse and run it over the photo. It will look greyish.

Make sure nothing else is highlighted. Hold the Ctrl Key and the C key bottom left on key board. Lift fingers off keys.

Go back to the page.  Click add on page. A drop down box will appear click tex.

left click where you want to add it.  Then hold the Ctrl Key and the V key together click. Photo will appear.

This is the best tool at GDI.

Click the purple circle and a list will appear 

of all the hits you have received to each individual pages

This is the back bone of your business.
If you are serious about earning and becoming a full time internet worker.
You need a website to send all your down line to.
Explaining to them how and where to promote.
Feb 2013 I received over 7500 views to my dollar wise website.

I also suggest to duplicate my front page, saying Welcome to the Dollar Wise Team.  We are a group of individuals following the Dollar Wise Plan.

GDI WEBSITES:  How to set it up when designing your new down line websites. YOURS is already set.

Log into GDI.
Setting up Website. First
Click on the left  Build web site.
Click change DNS setting.
Click the box at the top.
I want to use the Web Site Builder Templates to build my own Web Site
Then click start my website.

Go through all the pages.
Make sure to click a page that lists the page down the side not across the top.
Follow there easy step by step guide.Think a little before giving the page a title.

I set up each page by selecting the page then click add tex, I left click then click enter, 

I keep clicking enter watching the page scroll down at the right hand side. When you see the bar is at the bottom. You will have a good size page to work on.
Then I click ok.  Do not worry you will be leaving the page blank, you will return to it.

Continue to click add new page, set up all the pages, leaving them blank, as you will return to them. 

Click exit web master.

You will see the pages listed.  Click beside the page title.  Edit. The page will open. 

Scroll down to where it says double click in red. Double left click here.
Have Dollar wise open so you can just copy and paste my pages in order to your new website. 

Have these ready to transfer.
Right click on the photo's then click save as. Check it is also saved as Gif format.

Adding to a new file on your computer I head this page exchanges.  
At the left of the menu click gallery and you can add these here.

Copy and paste my pages from dollar wise, replacing my urls with yours.

Have this ready on your computer to copy from.

Once you have copied and pasted the page, You need to change wording using the webmaster. 

Left click on mouse holding finger down. Highlight one paragraph at a time changing it.
Just run mouse over paragraph.  Then release finger from the left click.  It will all be in blue.
At the top of this page you will see listed. Styles. Font. Size B A with a - underneath it.
Go up to these listings. 

This is where you click styles a box will drop down click Heading 2, move over to size and click 2. 

Then Move to the A and select color by clicking what one you want.  Then click ok.
Repeat this for every paragraph. Until you are finished. 

Then scroll down to bottom of page and click save. 

Now you will see above listings Click Save, then click publish page

A box will drop down click page save then yes then ok. 

Then at the left click Go back to page manager click ok. You are done. 

The pages will appear click preview and see what your page looks like.

Adding links so they work at your website.

( sometimes they will work automatically. Depending on your computer )
Left click hold down and highlight link then click Control (bottom left hand corner of key board ) and letter c together.
So it is high lighted in blue.  When you do the control c.
At the top of the website page click the planet with chain underneath beside the smiley face. 

A new page will open.
At the bottom where it says url.  Enter Control V
The website link will appear. Click insert.

To add a photo to your page,  Click at the top of the page where it says ADD ON PAGE
A drop down box will appear. Click on IMAGES to add photo's to your Gallery.
Click upload file. Then browse go and add photo.  Return here to add to pages.  

Click on photo you want then click summit.  Photo will disappear then left click where you would like photo to go on the page. You can adjust size by clicking at the bottom right corner, then move mouse to adjust to the size you want.
Then scroll down to bottom of page and click save.  Now you will see above listings Click Save, then click publish page A box will drop down click page save then yes then ok.  Then at the left click Go back to page manager click ok. You are done.  The pages will appear click preview and see what your page looks like.

Remember to make the page longer. JUST click the Page Height tab above. A drop down box will appear click the + sign. Do not stress just click the - sign to make smaller.







To add SFI banner………Members can then enter their GDI website to receive the 100 points for adding a banner to their website.
1.Copy the banner URL link from SFI Promotional tools
2.Above click Tex . Hover you mouse over the pictures.   YOU will see like a TV box. click INSERT/EDIT IMAGE button and paste the URL then click insert.
3.Once the banner is in place (Do not close Window) Right clicked the banner and selected INSERT/EDIT HYPERLINK add the referral link url
Change the settings to show in a new window then hit apply.  This ensure the link opens in a new browser window.

START to study and Understand. Remember Practice makes perfect.

Click above Tex. A new box will open. Hover your mouse over all the pictures and read what it says.

.WS SiteBuilder GDI Tools


NOW lets start teaching you how to design more pages at your GDI Website.

Copy and paste from having your website open in a new browser window.

Also have this page open in a new brower window to flick to. Website
Do it in small steps. When adding it to the tex box.

SHUT it if wording etc over laps check before clicking submit.

Go and practice mark the new page invisible while you learn.