SFI Begin

Welcome to my Dollar Wise Network. 

Yes I also started as a newbie with no understanding of SFI.

My SFI badges speak for themselves.  It has taken me a good year designing my Dollar Wise Network.  Can you imagine my surprise when Gery showed up as one of my reassigned CSA members I received for achieving team leader in my 14th month of participating with SFI.


There are BILLIONS of Websites and blogs on line. I have spent the past few years testing 1000's of sites.  You will see I keep our Sales Generating Leads Program Updated. Some sites will work great for a year or so. Then they might start to fade away. I am like your personal watch dog keeping track of things.



The Dollar Wise System Earner Network.  Team Building at its best.

Set aside an hour to read before moving on.

All I can do is show you how I achieve SFI Team leader and levels  in the leadership challenges.  The next step is for you to set the plan into motion.

HERE is where I reward all my team for participation.


The key upgrade for $10 per monthly.
Then introduce DWSEarner to all your SFI Team Members to duplicate.

Promote DWSEarner and Introduce all your new Members to SFI.

The idea back in 2015 was the $10 investment monthly would pay for the upgrade at DWSEarner plus the SFI Standing orders monthly.

It worked.

My SFI team that followed this plan, most earned enough commissions within the first two months to achieve this.

I got sick of all the hype and false promises so I decided to invest a lot of time and money, designing DWSEarner by my teams suggestions and input.

Built by the members for the members.
The key instead of flicking from site to site in search of that quick dollar.
Buckle down and start following a plan.  Set long term Goals.

You need to be consistent to get anywhere in internet marketing,
Not just promote for a day or two then giving up before even starting, saying internet marketing is a scam.
If instant riches were that easy on the internet, everybody would be quitting their regular jobs! 





Join Me

How I work from home earning a Full Time Income.

I team SFI with DWSEarner.

Using the Down line builder for promoting SFI and DWSEarner ONLY>

BE sure to enter your Id's at the down line builder at DWSEarner then your team will duplicate the same system following you into these programs on Auto Pilot.

Start generating Numerous Income Resources while simply promoting SFI and DWSEarner.

Set up a new G Mail account to join SFI AND DWSEarner.  Then register for my SFI and DWSEarner training boot camp Series.

This way your email will not be lost among 1000's of other emails you are receiving.

Make sure to check your emails to verify the sign up.  Do not use this email address to register any where else.

Register Free for my Boot Camp Training series.




Newbies. If you would like me to design your SFI Splash Page with Campaign.

Purchase from the link below. I will then log in and design your SFI splash with Campaign.

Giving you your own Reference Library for SFI.

Not a member with Traffic Wave you will need to join so I can design your campaign for SFI


If already an existing Traffic Wave member. Just send me your log in details once purchased.


Start right with following the 7 step plan   Read training on how to delete and copy urls etc. 


If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business, you've come to the right place.

It takes experience - which can take you years to develop... or... which can be provided to you FREE.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.  

I have been researching sites for years. I came across a few sites where you pay over $500 to receive training articles. 

Some you pay over $40 per week to participate with their Coop's. Similar to SFI but costs a fortune as an affiliate to begin with.

You could pay thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype, OR follow my Dollar Wise System Earner Plan FREE.



Team Support

Admin is a seasoned affiliate     marketer who has been generating a real income on
line  for years.
Participate daily rewarded
with random tickets.
Get to play the Progressive jackpot every 5o sites
receiving 2 FREE tokens every 30 pages viewed.
Build your team with a
trusted site GUARANTEED
to be here
for years to come.

Down line


Where most affiliate    marketers go wrong.
They spread their wings to far to soon.
They promote to many
sites and waste to many dollars joining every new launch they come across.
Moving from one site to
the next in search of that quick dollar.
Then wonder why they
are in the same position
each year. No down line
with no earnings.
Sites gone with the wind
that they were promoting.



All Admin can do is show
you the plan she follows daily. The next step is up
to each Individual to set
that plan into motion.
The key. Surf daily six different sites promoting DWSEarner and SFI.
Make sure you have your ID’s listed at the
Down line builder at DWSEarner.
YOUR team will follow
you into these programs
on Auto Pilot.
No need to promote.



Our Primary Goal is For YOU
to learn how to generate a
real income online.
Gaining  Success With
Our Dollar Wise System Earner Services provided to you FREE.
YOU will receive free step by step training articles when you register to receive DWSEarner News Letters.
Start creating quite the
snow ball effect, watching your earnings grow larger month by month. Year by Year.


Yes I also started as a newbie with no understanding of SFI. Remember it takes time to build a successful business.

This is the plan I put into place to get a better understanding on how to build your SFI Business.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.  

It is so sad when I see members giving up before even starting.

Others try to duplicate SFI but never achieve the same success. Disappearing into the night in a few short months.

"You can have anything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want." ~ Zig Ziglar

"A leader's job is to look into the future and see the organization not as it is, but as it can become." --Unknown

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel.

If people believe in themselves it is amazing at what they can accomplish." --Sam Walton

You will see at the forum that all the SFI Top Leaders have been members for years. Nothing happens over night.

First before reading on. SET up your SFI Network.
Apply to receive your Commissions Via A Master Card Or PayPal.
Click above the Grey Box Income > Scroll down and click Collection option.
Tick the Circle to select your preferred option for payments. Click the Green Button Submit.
THEN Click Above the Grey Box MY Account > Scroll down and click Account Info.
Add your pay pal email to receive commissions.
My Gateways. Is where you find your Promotional Links.
If you hover your mouse over My Reports then a column will appear at the right.
Click MY VP Ledger and blast your way though to receive VP rewards climbing the SFI leader ship ladder.

Daily to Do At SFI. Click All Red Tabs. Spend half an hour reading the Forum.


Each day, the Daily Grand drawing dispenses over $2000 in prizes to 200 lucky affiliates.

Now, by turning all 12 tabs green, you can grab an extra entry each day and significantly increase your chances of winning valuable, business-building prizes.

Entrepreneur365 (E365) is an SFI contest based on Versa Points that every new SFI affiliate is automatically entered in. Each participating affiliate has the opportunity to win a share of OVER $100,000 in cash and prizes...while learning about how to create a successful SFI business! There is no cost to participate in the contest, and you can earn Versa Points through a variety of educational and business-building actions.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of the Games to Click above the Purple Box and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of SFI to return to the home page and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY into the DAILY GRAND.

Weekly  Review.       https://dollarwiseblog.com/sfi-leadership-training/

Set aside half an hour to set up your SFI Promoting.

Be sure to view.

U tube video for SFI advertising set up at DWSEarner.



Daily Log in and Surf at DWSEarner.

Then Assign Credits to your SFI Promoting.

Rewarded For Participation Daily.

In to win Tickets at DWSEarner. Check if you are a winner.


Not only  will you be learning BUT you will be earning as well.


I recommend to start with these sites daily to blast SFI promoting.


Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Get Paid To Join Websites

I test all sites listed at DWSEarner Down line Builder.

The Key. Grab The OTO Offers On Signing Up.

Enter your Id’s to the sites listed at DWSEarner Down Line Builder.

YOUR team will follow you into these programs on Auto Pilot.

Duplicating the same system.

Then you just sit back and watch as you start to generate numerous income resources all with promoting just SFI and DWSEarner.


SFI. Log in Via this link. Never Via an Email.



You decide your level of earnings. The more participation the higher the rewards.

You will see above 15 tasks at your SFI Home Page. Highlighted in RED. Click each individual box.

Then finish with clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page.

This will verify you completing the task. Click the next red button above Repeat until all Red Tabs have turned GREEN.

Make sure to begin each day at SFI. Participating before moving on to other tasks.

Alerts. To do List. Tips. Stream. Triple Clicks. Score Board.  Movers. Growth. Goals. Ask SC. win It.Forum

Check emails for your daily Launch Pad training. Any thing in a Green V click to receive your VP Points. 

To provide effective support to your affiliates, you must be familiar with the experience of your incoming Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs)--the pages they're seeing and the information they're reading.
Therefore, I recommend you review these pages your new affiliates see when they first join SFI:

1. New Affiliate Welcome at: http://www.sfimg.com/gs2
2. SFI Basics at:                       http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics
3. Launch Pad                           https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/

Upon review, you'll notice the emphasis is on getting started by earning Versa Points from performing actions on the SFI To-Do List.

In other words, your PSAs learn from the get-go that earning Versa Points equals earning income.

Tip: If you're sponsoring affiliates, you're undoubtedly hearing from people saying they are confused, stuck, or don't know what do.

When this happens, be sure to point them to SFI Basics. Encourage them to join us at Face Book.



It will now be even easier to earn a substantial Signing Bonus--while getting affiliates to verify their email address, reach out to their sponsors, and become Executive Affiliates!

You will see that all Top SFI Leaders at the forum have been members for years.
People tend to forget success does not happen overnight it takes time to build any sort of success.

I offer the plan all you need to do is to set it in motion.

Your first objective in SFI is to earn as many Versa Points as you can each month. The more VP you score, the higher your rank and the more you can earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Receive a share of our big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!
SFI Basics
Follow The Plan
NEW  Click the Grey Win It Button Scroll down Click The Green Button Enter Me.

1. Alerts.   Read the LATEST NEWS.  Return and View the Forum Posts once you have completed your tasks.
2.To do list. Click every link highlighted in blue you see written. View the triple click store etc.

To build a successful SFI business, just do the actions listed below. Each action you do earns you the VersaPoints shown in the left column.

The more points you earn, the higher your SFI commissions can go! See the Benefit Chart and Compensation Pla nfor more details. Earning points also advances your Power ranking!

3. Tips.  Broaden your knowledge.

4. Streams.  This is a great way to communicate with your team. Add a short post every 2-3 days.

Some of my teams replies to my posts.

LaVerne Christian
Thank You Maree, You have your teams best interest at heart, in Chicago that's called having your Teams Back and that's a good thing. Keep Up The Good Work!

Linda Harris

Wish I was one of your PSA's. This would be such a time saver. Anyway with the training and support you have given me I have reached Bronze Team Leader this month. Thank you so much Maree.

View sample posts here.   http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_Duplication_post

Example of one of my Stream posts.  Share so your CSA Team View.

Just imagine if every member upgrades their membership.https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474 Every member would "instantly" have 10+ upgraded referrals, a huge down line, and we would "ALL" be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources! 

5. Triple Clicks. Click the box share the deal of the day to Twitter and face book. Click View products added in the last 7 days.

6.  ECA.  Click and view the ECA of the day. Be sure to connect.

7. Eager Zebra. Where it reads Card King. Click the blue button play.

Start a League Or Join Mine.   http://gotclicks2.com/jjbu7gMld          League Password SyeG2X   

Do not close box when you finish the game.

At the bottom right click where the Green Arrow is pointing to generate your challenge code.

Blast this at Face Book and twitter etc.  YOU can only challenge people that are not with SFI.

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a new referral). 

So, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you'll always be a W3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.

8. Price Bender. View the life auctions at the left. Select one and click the Green Button GO. Click the Red Button Bid Now.


9. Scoreboard. View and click every link that is high lighted blue.  View your progress with your participation.

10. Movers.  This is how you create DUPLICATION, the most important factor in creating wealth with SFI is communication.

https://dollarwiseblog.com/sfi-welcoming-new-psa-with-ecards      Find the list of posts I use updating all my team.

Most important send a post reminding new members about the Fast Track Bonus if you see Green or Red Planes.

11. Growth. Don't forget to congratulate your fellow affiliates!  At the left click each blue box.
At the right click and connect with members ECA websites that are in your Local Community area.


12. Goals.  Where it reads
To earn today's Goals Versa Point, describe what you did today to achieve your SFI goals:

Click the blue box once you submit your goal.

13. Forum. Click one of the forum Posts. YOU must view for at least 30 seconds to claim point.

I suggest to spend at least half an hour daily reading and broadening your knowledge for SFI.

Click members photo's to view their best tips.

14. Win. CLICK THE Grey Button WIN Daily

ONCE you have completed the 14 TASKS DAILY RETURN TO YOUR HOME PAGE.

Scroll down and click the blue box to claim an extra Draw in the Daily Grand.

Far Right View and Read to SUCCEED START SFI BASICS LAUNCHPAD Top Right hand Corner.

DAILY log into TClicks. Click Games Above.

Gold Streak. Card King. Knock out Trivia.  PLAY DAILY.

• Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions and win a share of the daily GS Zackpot.
• Compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leaderboards and earn cool badges, too.
• Earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry.
• Yesterday’s winners took home 2,194 TCredits!
• Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.


Knock out Trivia Is a great way to win MRP points etc.


Play the King Card. Before logging out.

Click the Purple Button above and grab another FREE ENTRY into the Daily Crown Draw.

YOUR Goal over the next few months is to build your down line at  SFI.  Here are some tips.

Set up a standing order.             https://www.tripleclicks.com/ detail.php?item=212474

Connect with local ECA stores. 

Purchase what you would be spending at the local mall. See what is on offer.
To view the ECAs in your country,  Go to the Growth Tab. At the right connect.

Select the individual package you wish to promote from this ECA Store.

Click the grey box SFI Affiliates.  At the right it will show in detail your earnings you receive..

At the left it will display your link to promote at Facebook etc with your SFI id inserted
Show your friends and family the great bargains you have purchased.
Tell them no out of pocket expense as you are purchasing what is already added to your house hold budget.


Set up your Payment for Commissions at SFI. 

Click the Grey Box above Income. A Drop down box will appear. CLICK  Collection Options.

Tick which way you would like to be Paid.

I suggest to tick Paid Via Triple Clicks Master Card. This will also give you 500 VP points when you reach the target of $20.

Then apply for the card.  Once selected and double checked. Click the Green Box SUBMIT.

Go back to Income and click the drop down box Commissions Report to View Earnings.

Remember this is a long term project where you will create quite the snowball effect.

Earnings will grow larger month by month.Year by Year. The beauty is with Achieving Team Leader.

YOU get Reassigned CSA members monthly. Earning from all their purchases.


I have been receiving reassigned CSA monthly for the past few years. My Earnings keep growing year by year.


Sending messages at SFI.  SFI Team Communications.

At the right you will see your SFI Information.  Click and reply to all messages.

Maree Wells | ID# 11189449 | Gold Team Leader* |
July VP: 6317 | Total VP: 46759
Sponsor: Leon McKee 17
You have
10 messages (10 unread)

Click where it says MESSAGES. YOUR Message Manager will appear.  Click the names to view the individual messages.

Then click the boxes to delete messages once viewed.  Then at the top right click the grey box Moved Checked to Trash.

You will need to delete the message when replying to A2A members.  This FREES up SPACE.

If your message doe's not send. Delete some words as you have gone over the limit.

1.  How to SEND AN E CARD at SFI. Make sure to communicate with your new PSA members.
Click Movers. Then click the name of the person you want to send an E Card to. 

YOU will find your new PSA Members here.

Scroll down . Where you see this, E365 Currently in contention: YES Below it will say send an E Card.
Click the V drop down box and select what greeting you would like to use.
When replying to new PSA. I select Here to Help.
Click preview this card.
Greetings. Delete the writing you see first. Then add your heading.
Copy and paste the message to the left of the page that has popped up.
Into the empty box where it says Content.
Check it then at the bottom left click the box I agree.
Then click send message.

Remember when you receive these new PSA down line
Send them a Welcome E card.


Another tip:
Don't expect lots of responses. Instead, stay focused on publishing valuable information each week.

Remember, most people are highly skeptical that they can make money on the Internet.

Over time, your consistency will demonstrate that SFI is real, that you're real, and then they'll want to jump in.

Think of your weekly newsletters as follow-ups. In the advertising world, it's well-known that most people have to be exposed to something at least 10 times before they even notice it...and often many times more before they will take action such as making a purchase. Use this knowledge to your advantage with a regular, weekly newsletter!


Apply for your ECA Store. 

Or start building your SFI Party Plan Kit.

Turning those unwanted treasures into gold.

Apply for your ECA Store NOW. If already a member of SFI. You will be signing up from your link not mine. 


I suggest hit the local markets and offer to sell stall holders produce for commission.

Once they see you doing sales. They will be lining up to join.

MRP Points. These are rewarded at Triple Clicks when participating with the Auctions. 

Use these reward points to Purchase shares in our SFI Private Coop.  Free bonus when you purchase this package.


How to place an Order. Select the payment option you wish to use.  Follow the instructions.

TRIPLECLICKS Members Rewards Points.

You currently have 5,446 Member Rewards Points (MRP). Select this option if you wish to use your MRP on this order.

You currently have 840 T Credits. Select this option if you wish to use your TCredits on this order.

TICK this box and wait for the verification box to appear. Then tick and confirm.

Select the product(s) you wish to apply points to:

100 TCredits - 172978 10 PSAs GUARANTEED + 5 for FREE

Make sure to tick the boxes. 

I have reviewed and agree to the Triple Click Terms and Conditions.

Find more instructions here on how to set up and do your listings at your ECA Store.



Team Leaders.    Duplicate my Leader ship Page.

View how I reward my down line for participation.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/Team_ Leaders                  Plan I follow achieving Team Leader Monthly.   

Team building at its best. YOU will receive Monthly Shares receiving CSA members to your team

Each Month your earnings will grow when you receive commissions for all your CSA spending.

People spend a fortune monthly at gambling sites, betting sites, lotto sites, gaming sites etc. 

There are so many I see when surfing and promoting SFI.

My Leadership Challenge Points I win every three months I use to buy SFI Gift Cards. Play with the games. Bidding at the Auctions. 

I prefer to get my entertainment FREE. Using my credits I receive with my Standing Order.
125 T Credits for $36 Gives me a month of share fun, while receiving earnings.

$2.28  Winning Price
Next Auction Starts01:16:56

Auction Winner  Dollarwise.  I spent 12 Bids to Win this Auction. Following my Guide line.

I only bid once the timer is below 8 Seconds.  If I see Auto Bids I do not continue as some Members have Auction Fever.

Latest Winners

Won by TripleClicks Member


Prizes You've Won at Bid $ Build. Bonus with winning. I got one Free Spin as I spent 12 TCredits.

This was a hidden surprise I did not even know about when I was participating at one of the auctions.

I received this email informing me of winning.

Hi Maree,

Congrats! Thanks to the Price benders Bonus Bar, you just won a Flash Drawing for FREE T Credits!

As you know, up to six times for EVERY Price benders auction, you can win free T Credits in our Flash Drawings. 

To enter each drawing, simply bid at least once during the 5-minute period before the drawing (indicated by the stars on the Bonus Bar at the top of every auction).

TIP: You can increase your chances of winning by bidding more than once--because each bid during the 5-minute period gets you another entry in the drawing!

Participating in the Auctions.  See how the line is blue.

NEVER BID UNTIL the line is RED. THEN wait while it counts down.

It will often go red then when some one bids turn blue again. If you click the BID NOW button.

1 credit will be deducted from the amount at the top right.

Where it says T Credits.  Only ever bid when line is RED and below I recommend 10 cents.

You will be amazed how often people bid and it goes back to blue. I stop bidding if I see Auto Bids. 

As some members get Auction Fever. YOU will be wasting your money.

Bid & Build now bigger and better!

Each time you bid at Price benders, you can be credited towards a new, freshly-generated SFI affiliate sign-up.

Check at the right where the blue bar is. Under where it reads Bid N Win. When it states 100%.

This will appear. 1 spins earned. Go spin now  (Click Go SPIN NOW) Click the Green Button SPIN>

It's very easy...and it's a 100% free bonus!  The new PSA will then be added to your genealogy and you can begin working with them! So that you can follow your progress, all eligible auctions will now sport this banner:


Important Bid & Build Update

To make the program more accessible to all--and more fun, too--Bid & Build (B&B) now works like this:  For every 10 bids you make at Price benders, you'll earn a spin of the new B&B prize wheel.  Every spin is a guaranteed win of a full PSA or a partial PSA (minimum 10%).  All PSAs are brand new, freshly-generated sign-ups.


I love bidding at the price bender auctions. YOU can Win. Never mind if you do not. As you receive FREE MRP Points you can use to purchase FREE GOODIES>  Also each Bid enters you into a flash draw where you can win T Credits.

Free Advertising using your MRP Rewards or T Credits at SFI.



    I Advertise in places where individuals may not be able to afford on their own!
Your referral link will be advertised in a variety of sources,
such as safe lists, surf exchanges, PTC sites, classifieds and more!

YOU will also earn at SFI when any of your down line purchase.

• Buy this item with 4,525 MRP or 134 TCredits.
• TC Members earn 5 MRP with each purchase.
FREE advertising using your MRP rewards or T Credits.
Select the package Via the link above.
Click add to Cart. Click Continue to Check out You will see the order form.
Enter your Area code email etc.
Check all empty boxes have the details entered click Continue
Tick Payment box you wish to use.

Wait to verify box to appear then tick. Example I used T Credits.
It will read Your cart totals may have changed.
Please verify the new totals Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click  
I have reviewed and agree to the Triple Clicks Terms & Conditions. Click the box at the right Place MY Order.


My rewards for achieving SFI Platinum Team Leader Monthly.

T Credit Bonus             20 T Credits earned     $9.80 value
Second Home CSAs     
176 CSAs awarded on February 16, 2015. $316.80 value

As long as you remain EA monthly. YOU earn from all these new CSA re-assignments. My earnings pay for all my Upgrades.

View my SFI Gift Card Campaign.


I allow all my SFI Down line that have joined me at Traffic Wave to duplicate my training letters.  Giving them their own reference library.

When reading articles be sure to respond to the Traffic Wave Email they send, signing up to the suggested programs from their links not mine.  This is how we kick start the sales generating leads program. Earning with Numerous Income Resources.

Use your MRP Points to purchase your SFI Gift Card Capture link I will design.

Product Rating


Retail Price:$58.00


• Buy this item with 3,740  MRP  or 187 T Credits.

• TC Members earn 5 MRP with each purchase.

• SFI Affiliates also earn 204.00 VP with each purchase.

Purchase from the link above. Then email me your Traffic Wave Log in Details with SFI id number.  I will then log in and design your SFI Gift Card Splash link with Campaign to blast your promoting capturing email addresses to redeem the codes.

Our first goal is to collect the name and address of people that are at least interested enough to collect our information.

Half an hour a day will send traffic your way.  I promote SFI or my SFI Gift Card Capture Link at the sites you will see listed at your GDI SFI training website. Start Free then start to invest some of your earnings into promoting SFI monthly at these sites.  The more you participate the more you earn. YOUR SFI down line will follow you when they view your SFI training website with your SFI sales generating leads program. Keep an eye out for their one time offers when signing up.


Gift Card Tracker

• Two persons win 20 free T Credits
• Two persons win a free 30-pack of Triple Clicks Gift Cards (digital version)
• Three persons win 50 free Bonus Vers aPoints
• Three persons win 100 free Member Rewards Points


A lot of SFI links are Banned AT Face Book. This is how I get around the problem. 

I use word press to write articles then share them to Face Book.


Be sure to follow me here. Log in every few weeks to read updates. 

I promote one link at Face Book. Connections view my Main Core Programs I participate with Daily building my SFI down line.

Start your machine & race to profit. Make sure to check emails to verify Sign up.

The key start joining one to two new sites daily, blasting your SFI Promoting.

Would You Invest 15 - 30 Minutes Per Day If It Means You Get An Extra Couple of hundred In Your Bank Account By The End of The Day?

The Point Is… Having An Online Income Plus Presence Will Buy You All Kind of Freedoms…

Just Imagine A Week From Now… You Could Be Making $1,000 Per Day In Affiliate Commissions…

This Is The Secret To Success… Just Copy & Paste What The MOST Successful Internet Marketers
Are Doing…

There’s no point reinventing the wheel…

All you need to do is just copy and paste the same money-making campaigns… I mean… it makes sense right?

If one campaign is already making money…

All you need to do is just copy and paste … and you’ll see almost the same results right?

Making money online is REALLY that simple…

And my job is to create the EASIEST possible chance for you to make money online…

Members ask me how do I achieve Platinum Team leader at SFI.

This is how. By grabbing life time upgrades for a one off fee. I then have a life time of promoting.

FREE BONUS. Once you have joined the sites send me your promotional links to design your Cash Generating Money Page.


Half an hour per day will send money your way.

Now That You're Here, Let's Get You Paid!

1) Promote Your SFI Offers

2) Show Others How To Do The Same!

3) Keep it Simple! Keep it Profitable.


This is the plan I Follow Daily.                  

The key is I started to use my commissions signing up with new launches grabbing life time upgrade.

Your Commissions At Traffic Exchanges.

IMPORTANT! Enter your PayPal Or Payza Email Address

Click save all these settings.

Most sites ask for a quick review about your self.

I use this site to blast my SFI Promoting.
This is how I achieve Platinum Team Leader.
I highly recommend upgrading to Pro or VIP. Set N Forget.

Free Social Sites to Join

908 followers|22,153 views  Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI.

Check out my Brand Page. Give it a like and duplicate. Adding your GDI website link.
Social Media is a great way to build your SFI down line FREE.
Refer 5 new members from your SFI team to Ap Sense Monthly and receive a Free Monthly Upgrade.

Read My training article on how to achieve online success with Traffic Pro. 


Sending Posts Via Websites.  Click the link Send message. Follow Instructions.

How to Make your message more professional.

Left Click your mouse and run it over the entire post. It will be highlighted Blue.

Now click above where you see the chart below and change the presentation.

Experiment a little clicking them boxes. Each time you need to highlight if not showing blue.

HIgh light the url link so it shows blue. Then click the chain link. Copy and paste the url into the box you see.

B = Bold A is for colour.  Click the V for the drop down box at Font Size to make Larger.

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GDI Splash Post I blast.  I then introduce new members to SFI

Subject line. Bonus $25. Free Step by Step guide to generate a real income

My Dollar Wise Matrix is an automatic down line creator and will begin the creation of income from 5-25 different Income resources for life.

This is how I achieve SFI Platinum team leader and level 5 in the leadership challenge.
YOU can duplicate my system for any program you wish to expand.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?
5-20 CURRENT PTC Groups referrals in your Dollar Wise Team Build matrix.
By participating and promoting and getting referrals....
but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you?
Well, that is EXACTLY what happens when you join the Dollar Wise Matrix!

FREE Bonus 1.    $25.00 Activate GDI Training Bonus.
Free Bonus 2.     Simple Web master to design your website.   Be on line within 48 hours.
FREE Bonus. 3     $250 when 10 of your team complete their GDI Training Bonus.
Free Bonus.4      Refer 5 in one Week,
Free Bonus 5.     Face Book Support Plus Random Team Prizes.

Team  work, promoting then sharing the GDI team Bonus Monthly. $250 - $5000  Awesume.

Your partner for success, the beauty is whether you sign up or not I still will be earning money tomorrow.
Wouldn't you like to be in the same position.
You Too Can Turn $10/monthly Into A Six-figure Income at GDI.
Maree Wells
Facebook mareesfi  24/7 support.
Dollar Wise Team.

My Best Tip's. Read these training pages.  Understanding is the key to generating a real income.



I always check my hit tracking results at SFI. You need to do this weekly


   Keycode: 2023 | Hits: 1032      Free Ad Grid
    Keycode: 1011 | Hits: 928       Click Voyager    

    Keycode: 5005 | Hits: 588       Earn easy cash      

    Keycode: 1017 | Hits: 190       Free Ad Network
    Keycode: 2001  | Hits: 95        Cash Club international

    Keycode: 1005 | Hits: 93         Auto Submit Genie
    Keycode: 3023 | Hits: 299       Clickzia   

    Keycode: 4001 | Hits: 38         Kule Cash
    Keycode: 4010 | Hits: 37         V traffic rush.     

    Keycode: 1004 | Hits: 30         Free traffic lotto.
    Keycode: 1001 | Hits: 23         IBO Social       

    Keycode: 1046 | Hits: 14         Twitter        

    Keycode: 2008 | Hits: 12         Apsense

    Keycode: 2024 | Hits: 12         Facebook
    Keycode: 9023 | Hits: 60         Dollarwise1 Site

Join Me


Any smart business person knows that an ad is only as good as its ability to generate profits through new sales.
These profits are usually measured in what is called Return On Investment (ROI).

An ad campaign is always measured by its ROI and if that ROI is lacking, the ad either goes through dramatic changes or gets dropped by the advertiser altogether.
But the big question is how to track your own ROI.
Most of us spin our wheels placing ads every where we can think of and then hoping we get results.

We might even see some sales come in but we don't know where they saw our ad or how they found our site.
When you join Traffic Wave Net in addition to powerful unlimited auto responders and lead generation tools, you will also be able to track an unlimited number of ad campaigns by using our Ad Tracker system.

Our AdTracker system supplied at SFI will show you exactly which ads are producing results.
When you know which ads are working and which are not, you can focus your efforts on continuing profitable campaigns, tweaking and developing new campaigns, and getting rid of campaigns that are not producing results.

Ezine advertising
Signature Lines
Banner Ads
FFA Page Ads
Search Engine Listings
Online Classifieds
Search Directories
Link Exchanges
And Much More....
When you know what is working, you know how to spend your time.

Find instructions here.  http://www.dollarwise.ws/TrafficWave

New Updates for 2015


Note: If you haven't done so already, be sure you are subscribed to news.sfimg.com (just click the "Follow" link found in the right sidebar). Once subscribed, you'll automatically receive an email each time news is posted so you'll never miss an important SFI announcement.

  SFI Reference Links. 

When in doubt. 

I have designed these training articles in more detail.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws                                                   My Blog with interesting articles. 

http://www.dollarwise.ws/DWSEarner_Start            Earning with numerous resources

http://dollarwiseblog.com/dwsearner-teams-with-aiop  DWSEarner Teams with AIOP

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/DLTBuild                                  Down Line Building.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_Begin                          Easy step by step instructions to follow.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_7_Steps                           How to participate and promote SFI. 

http://www.dollarwise.ws/Team_ Leaders                Team Leader  Plan to follow         

http://www.dollarwise.ws/GDI_ Pays                           GDI.   Achieve your GDI Training Bonus.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Duplication_post      Duplicate Posts.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Coop_and_emails     Setting up Coop at SFI.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_ Gift_Cards                       How to redeem Gift Card Codes.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/ECA_Websites._Listin       How to apply then set up your listings.

Your SFI business is ideal for those who are inexperienced and are eager to see profit quickly.

It’s also perfect for those who have been struggling for years without making a break through yet.

How I began in 2013. Building my SFI business.I set about designing a Home Viewing Package to present to all my family and friends.  Introducing them to SFI at my Party Plan Parties I hold monthly.

I offered incentives of free presents for bringing a few friends with them.

I also purchase some products from Local ECA Stores.