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BE sure to join GDI.  This is where we design our SFI training websites.

With a sales generating leads program to promote your SFI coop.


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SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping
A special message from SFI President & Founder, Gery Carson

Back in the 80's and early 90's, before I founded SFI, I was a very visible and highly successful player in network marketing. In fact, I built some of the largest down lines seen at the time and was the No. 1 distributor for a number of network marketing companies.

What was the biggest key to my success? Co-op advertising! Early in my network marketing career, I saw how powerful co-op advertising was, and I used it to the greatest extent possible.

Co-op advertising is a popular and VERY powerful method of advertising in which two or more people share the cost of advertising and the resulting benefits. It allows you and your team members to pool your dollars together to advertise, and then share in the resulting leads generated.

When you receive your new PSA's from the SFi Coop. 

STRAIGHT AWAY Make contact with them

Log into Your Geneology.

After reassigning members send this email to the Coop member you have reassigned members to.

I have just reassigned your Coop members. Send them this post. Please add your name and GDI website first.

Letter to send at SFI to reassigned PSA members. Via E Card.
My name is ~XXXXX~ and I've recently been reassigned you, by my Team Leader at SFI as your New PSA-Sponsor.
As your New Sponsor, I'm here to assist you and support you in building your SFI business.
This is the beauty of Team Work.
We support new members by reassigning members to help them grow their business.

By the way, if you haven't looked at SFI lately, log in at the SFI Affiliate Center (www.sfimg.com).
When you get there, you'll see the new SFI Homepage, which now features a to-do list personalized just for you.
This makes everything so simple because all you have to do is start completing the tasks on your to-do list.
Each task earns you points and positions you for bigger and better perks and payouts!
Be sure to log in at the SFI Affiliate Center as soon as you can, and if I can answer any questions or assist you in any way, just let me know.
I look forward to working with you!
After you have finished doing your daily to do list.
Spend some time reading my individual training pages at my down line website
http://www.dollarwise.ws  ( replace with your GDI link Here)
Share these links with your new PSA's.
I offer to design all my teams SFI training website FREE.
Sign up here.
Send me GDI user name and password. I will then log in and design your website. I normally charge for this at my ECA Store.

Register to receive my FREE SFI boot camp training series.

We all log in daily to our SFI Dollar Wise Network GDI websites.
Clicking our leads generating sites.
Doing a little surfing then assigning our credits to our SFI promoting.
Links open in a second browser. Read then close and continue reading the entire page viewing each link.

My Best Tip's. Follow the instructions.
http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Begin
http://www.dollarwise.ws/ Reality_Network
http://www.dollarwise.ws/GDI_ Pays
http://www.dollarwise.ws/ TrafficWave

Start right with following the 7 step plan setting up G Mail etc.
Read training on how to delete and copy urls etc.
http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_7_ Steps

How to team build.
I team SFI with Reality Network.
http://www.reality-networkers. com/marketingsecret11.php? refid=5064528

I promote teazer 11 for Reality Network.
Then I introduce all members in my welcome email to SFI.

Then I surf  daily at TAB.
http://trafficadbar.com/maree& prof=1
Make sure to duplicate my page.
Then your sites are promoted here on Auto Pilot.
Cheers Maree
24/7 Support
Connect with me at facebook.


Maree Wells  Platinum SFI Team Leader.










How to set up your SFI Coop.

How to apply for your SFI Coop. Using a tracking code. Plus how to reassign members.

You can give your Team members or down line FREE affiliates using these two methods.

Method 1
Go to your Genealogy by clicking on this link below -

Click on the "REASSIGN" tab and select the affiliates you want to reassign.
ENTER the SFI affiliate number of your Team member you wish to reassign the selected affiliate to (in the Tex box close to the "Reassign Selected Affiliate" button)
Finally, click on the "Reassign Selected Affiliate" button.

Method 2. Claim the VP Points at your ledger for setting up a CooP
Set up an Ad Co-op at SFI by following the link below-  


Click on the link: Start a new co-op.  Select your CO-OP source
Your Gateway Site or  S-builder
Do not select S-builder if you haven't bought an S-builder package at Triple Clicks.

If you selected Your Gateway Site as your Co-op source, then ENTER your KEY CODE.
A KEY CODE (which can be up to four numbers) is used to track where your advertising responses are coming from.
NOTE: Three Key Codes are reserved for SFI corporate use.
1101 for affiliates from S-Builder.
1200 for affiliates who were not referred to SFI by anyone.
1300 for Triple Clicks members via the TC Tell-A-Friend feature.

Next, Select one of the following:  Shares  OR Signups

Next, click on the "Create New Co-op" button.
When the page opens, click on your KEY CODE to edit your Co-op.

To Add participants or affiliates to your FREE co-op:
Enter the SFI ID number in the Add Affiliate field below, then the quantity of Shares/Signups for this new co-op participant.  Click the "Add Co-op Participant" button.

Once you're done adding participants, simply advertise using the URLs you see listed below. The system will automatically rotate and assign results generated, per the method you've chosen for this co-op.





How I operate my SFI Coop.. More rewards for more involvement.

I suggest to all my team to duplicate this system.

Check out my leader ship board.



1. Looking For An Online Business, That Is Fun To Do! Follow the PLAN to achieve SUCCESS

2. Capital At Least   $38.00 per Month.  Set up a Standing Order.

I purchase T Credits as my standing order. I bid in double MRP Actions I then use my MRP points to purchase 1 T Credit Receiving Sale Action VP Points.

This will also guarantee your Fast Track Bonus.


I feel there is no out of pocket expense. As you will be purchasing household items already included in your weekly budget.


3. Minimum Of three Hours Per Week for This Business.  Promoting and building is the key.

REMEMBER this is a long term project which needs participation, duplication promoting and Communicating.

Scroll down and set up your SFI Coop. Team support is the key.

Imagine if all our down line Invest just $36.25 Monthly. You will be earning 12 levels deep.

Then if we all did our shopping purchasing every day house hold products you normally would purchase at your local supermarket at Triple Clicks instead. We will be earning some serious dollars'

This Ad Coop will generate new team member's at

Three Core Programs. 

SFI GDI and Traffic Wave

All purchases goes towards promoting, every member of the Ad Co-op gets their fair share of recruits! All new members are evenly reassigned. 

This is how I support my level one down line. If you are not in my level one at SFI, I build your GDI down line then it is up to you to introduce these new members to SFI.

You don’t have to do anything!!!

Just join our Ad Coop

Purchase this package from my ECA Store


I will do all the promoting then reassign these new members.

  To your Down Line at SFI and GDI.

YOU then introduce these members to Traffic Wave

With my Dollar Wise Network, you can use my powerful marketing techniques to get people on your list, and you'll make money ... and your subscribers will make money.

With teaming SFI GDI and Traffic Wave  Winning Combination. No time to promote join our Ad Coop.

You Will discover powerful marketing techniques. Set the Dollar Wise Plan into Motion.  

Sign up FREE at SFI. View my Badges. Start earning as a Free member..


Sign up at GDI.   Organization is the key.  Having all your links at the one location to work from daily. Domain for training your SFI down line when you are off line. True 24/7 support for your SFI team.


Join Traffic Wave.


IMPORTANT:  My down line is well beyond 5 levels now, so I can't verify each ID anymore. However, If you register for the Traffic Wave Buster. I will be notified. Log in Click affiliate manager above. Then at the left register free to the Matrix Buster Program.  YOU might be one of the lucky one's I will upgrade.   I UPGRADE FIVE NEW MEMBERS MONTHLY> Ideal for Newbies, giving you access to your own training library for future reference.  Over 35 Training Articles I have written.

Why Traffic Wave. As my Team has grown at SFI.  I wanted to be able to provide a step by step daily training guide for all her new PSA members.  It started to get very confusing as to which member had received what training email. The beauty with Traffic Wave is I simply design my Training articles. Then set the timer on when to send out these training articles.  This way members are not overloaded with information. Members register when they join me at SFI.  So I have lots of members receiving different email training. All is sorted on Auto Pilot. No confusion or frustration.

  • Solve all your money problems ...
  • Automatically ...
  • In 3 simple steps that will take you less than 15 minutes ...
  • To set up a money maker system that will generate a huge Monthly income ..
  • Just Set it & Forget it! Joining SFI ! GDI!  and Traffic Wave.

Read this report now … and discover  how the Dollar Wise Network will solve all your money problems … Automatically … You can literally Set it & Forget it in under 15 minutes!

Upgrade at Traffic Wave. As a FREE bonus Email Me (mb5681@gmail.com) your log in details.

I will then log in and design your SFI splash with your campaign to capture email addresses to broadcast to weekly. All my new SFI members receive training articles from the day they first register. Meaning no confusion as to what member will received what article on what day. It is all set up on Auto Pilot.

Register free to receive my boot camp training series on our Primary Websites.

Make sure to check your emails to verify the sign up.

http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/sfipays
http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/trafficwavepays
http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/gdisuccess

"The Dollar Wise Network"

With the Dollar Wise Network, you need to invest 15-30 minutes daily to 

start making money numerous different ways ...

I'll show you exactly how to do it!  Using Traffic Wave GDI and SFI.

Have you heard of Traffic Wave before? … Traffic Wave is an online “auto responder” service …

In my opinion, They are the best auto responder on the Internet. An auto responder is the most important marketing tool on the web since it allows you to automatically send a string of emails to potential customers.

Most customers on the Internet do not buy anything until they have seen or heard from you at least 7 times.

An auto responder makes that kind of follow up easy and automatic. 

Traffic Wave is different than most all the other auto responders, because they let you send an unlimited number of email sequences (a.k.a., “campaigns”) … with an unlimited number of emails per campaign … to an unlimited number of subscribers … all for a low fixed tax-deductible investment of just $17.95 per month. 

But here’s the really cool part … 

If you simply follow my Dollar Wise Plan, you can start to... 

  • Build your income yourself … 
  • Do your own recruiting ...
  • Write your own email campaigns ...
  • Build your own squeeze pages ...
  • Build your own website
  • Do all your own marketing
  • And so on 
  • Duplicate my Dollar Wise system FREE
  • Join our Ad Coop. Letting me do the team building for you.

  • Can you SEE The POWER of this?!?!

    The big problem with all the network marketing systems out there … whether online or offline … is YOU gotta get your recruits … but not anymore! 

    Invest per month joining the Ad Co-op … less than 60 cents per day … and your income grows on autopilot!

    And once again, the more people that join, the better your results will be. 

    Don’t look at this as your only option or a “get rich quick” opportunity … look at the Ad Coop as a long-term investment of less than 60 cents per day that will absolutely generate 5 Times your investment each month.  As long as you stick with the plan.

    You’ve got nothing to lose … and Everything to gain

    It just doesn't get any better than this!

    Grab your position in the network now!

    I have invested thousands of $$$$$$

    Setting up the sales funnel I use for promoting our Ad Coop.

    I have life time upgrades at over 30 different sites I promote our Coop at Weekly.

    To all newbies that get frustrated when they receive my training emails.  Do not bother replying stating that it is all to confusing and why do you send so many links to join.

    YOU need to realize that successful marketers share their programs with their down line.

    Like ME I am testing recommended sites my Sponsor's send me weekly. 

    I will be investing the time and money researching these NEW recommended sites.



Expanded SFI Co-op Features

Join our SFI Private Coop.  No time to surf.   Let Me do the promoting for you.      


    I Advertise in places where individuals may not be able to afford on their own!

I  Reward my Team for participation. Giving them free shares in my SFI Coop


I promote this link at all the sites you see listed at http://www.dollarwise.ws

The SFI system will  automatically rotate and assign results generated, evenly to each team member.

For more information about setting up your SFI Co-op and why you should set one up for growing down line, click HERE. YOU will see VP Points added at your VP ledger once you have registered your Team SFI Coop.

SFI Offer different Coops

New, unlimited $1.99 PSAs To Go!

Internet good offerEffective immediately, if you have a Standing Order containing at least one S-Builder Co-op unit, you can order unlimited PSAs To Go for just $1.99 each HERE.

Don’t have a Standing Order for S-Builder Co-op yet?  You can set that up HERE.

To learn more about PSAs To Go, see this announcement.

To learn more about S-Builder Co-op, see our central info. page HERE.

Important Note: There is a limited number of S-Builder Co-op units available.

This is ideal for Newbies. Free up your time to study SFI.

YOU GET $50 FREE, JUST FOR JOINING.  How often do you see this sort of promoting.

I stay well away from this sort of advertising. To much hype. NO site can afford to offer this. They always disappear with all their members money in a few months time. 

Stick with SFI the original work from home plan. Generating a real income.




























Welcome Damas. I am Maree your NEW CSA sponsor in NZ

Around the 15th of each month. Welcome new CSA reassigned members. Via the Genealogy Tab.

I also  send it Via E Cards for that personal touch when I see members listed in my Top Movers List.

My name is ~Maree Surfing and earning from good old New Zealand.~

To all my down line be sure to duplicate this letter and welcome your new CSA members you would of received if you achieved Team Leader Last Month.

If I have recently been appointed by SFI as your Co-Sponsor.  Welcome.

As your Co-Sponsor, I'm here to assist you and support you in building your SFI business.

It is amazing how each month my Top Movers List Changes.

The beauty of being a Team Leader. You received reassigned CSA Monthly.

CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) who were previously assigned a Co-Sponsor but were forfeited due to the Co-Sponsor not maintaining required EA status.

These forfeited CSAs are reassigned to Team Leaders on approximately the 15th of each month.

Some of these members are my top money spinners. I earn with each purchase they make.

The reason you receive the forfeited CSAs is so that, the person finally gets an active co-sponsor and, as a Team Leader, one who is hopefully experienced and can guide them (something they may have never had before with their original co-sponsor)

NOT someone who's just going to immediately judge them, dismiss them, and abandon them!

I am here to give you all the support you need.

Every CSA you receive is an OPPORTUNITY and that's how you should approach each and every one of them.

Be sure to view my leadership page where I post contests and rewards for active affiliates.

I reward down line for participation.

http://www.sfimg.com/ leadership/11189449

I designed this package to kick start my Teams Promoting for SFI.

https://www.tripleclicks.com/ detail.php?item=235841

This is why I love SFI.  It is not about the money you might earn.  It is about the entertainment they provide, the bargains on offer.  The new network of people you meet.  Whether Old or Young. Housebound or Bored.

My Goal is to help you achieve seeing your name on the recent Leadership Challenge Board.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.

It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.

I reward everyone with offering them the chance to  join my Dollar Wise Network.

I design SFI Training websites with a sales generating leads program to follow.

I also add your Triple Clicks Banner.

You can then claim your 100 VP at your SFI ledger. Team Support is the key.

FREE step by step training guide


If you would like me to design your SFI training website. Sign up with GDI for the domain


Then send me your GDI user name password with SFI Id number.

I can then log in and design your SFI training website duplicating Dollar Wise. Changing my links to yours.

True support for your SFI team. Giving them access 24/7 even when you are off line.

My Tips.

This is the plan I follow achieving Level 5 in the SFI leadership challenges. Plus Platinum Team Leader.

Check your Top Movers and remind new people about the Fast Track Bonus.

Available ONLY for your first 10 days as a SFI Member!

Aim to Achieve your Fast Track Bonus.  Available only for the first 10 Days.


As you establish your SFI Business. This adds to your commission earnings down the track.

YOU will be missing out on a lot of money if you let it slip you by. Well worth the investment.

SFI home page Read the LATEST NEWS:

1.  Sales Points. Use your MRP Points to purchase one T Credit.

Buy T Credits individually one at a time.  Receive 102 Sales VP.

2.  Do you have GIFT Card codes you could redeem.  Buy some and I can share with you email addresses

YOU get 10 VP for each code so can claim 300 VP Points.

 https://www.tripleclicks.com/ detail.php?item=173941

Remember select digital down load. YOU may even have enough MRP Points or T Credits to purchase.

3.   Add big commissions with Pricebenders!

www.sfimg.com/ MarketingPricebenders

Bidding at the auctions Rewards.

Every 10 bids gives you a Bid N Spin winning PSA members. Also Free entries into the daily grand.

4.  DAILY Log into Triple Clicks Daily. Click above Games.

Click Gold Streak participating to get an extra entry into the Daily Grand.

Play Card King and Knock out Triva. This gives you extra MRP points.

Click the Purple Button above and claim your Free Entry.

Grab the new Wave 3 Code and share it at all the Social Media Outlets. Facebook Apsense etc.

5.  Go to the Growth tab at the right click and connect with Your local ECA Stores in your area.

Instead of going to the Mall. Check and see what they have on offer.

https://www.tripleclicks.com/ tcsearch/vendor:tc

No out of pocket expense as you will be purchasing items already included in your house hold budget.

6.  Participate with the SFI Forum. Click leaders photo's to view their SFI tips.

Be sure to read answers at the AskSC. Broaden your knowledge.

Set up a standing order. https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474

Duplicate My SFI Posts. Remember change my links to yours.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Duplication_post

SVP = Sales Versa Points

These are points you receive for each purchase you make Via Your Triple Click Store.

AVP = Action Versa Points.

These are points for each action you do participating at SFI. EG Daily to do list etc.

View Points needed to climb the SFI Leadership Ladder.


Connect with me at Face book

https://www.facebook.com/ mareesfi

Cheers Maree

SFI Platinum Team Leader.