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SET up a SECOND Email Account to Join safe lists.

THIS is very important.

YOU do not want to flood your main email address.

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Click a few adds then delete the rest. I log in and work from within these sites. 

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SFI Best Tip Launch Pad 11.  We always say that if you’re not willing to give a business at least a year, don’t even bother getting involved.

You must understand: It takes time to get to know all the in and outs of a business.

It takes time to get to know the products. It takes time to develop a game plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing activities will work best for you.

Free Promoting. Blast SFI daily,.



One Link Generates 4 Income Resources..

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Most Important Join Any Safe list site.

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We offer 3 different types of affordable PRO membership packages that will give you the results you want for any marketing campaign.

Your Team can confidently say that.. "Our system and list quality is second to none, but our membership prices are one of the LOWEST in the industry."

I have been an upgraded Gold member here since 2010.

It is great receiving emails like this.

Congrats maree... You've GOT Credits!

Our 'GOT To Be Active' system just rewarded you 200.00 GOT Credits!
Thank You for being active and participating with GOTSafelist.

Friendly Reminders!
1) You will also earn rewards GOTCredits when members that your
referrals to GOT Safelist are active and participating like you.
Your Referral URL is:

2) PRO members get DOUBLE the amount of GOTCredits in our GOT Active

3) These are just a few EASY ways you earn GOTCredits, for the
complete list, goto:


Log in and Claim the Got Safe List Gift Pon.

Log in Click above Advertise Now.  Add your Banner and Hot links for SFI and DWSEarner. 

Advertising on Auto Pilot.

The key is not to spread your wings to far. I could add 1000 hotlinks. BUT I stick with adding 5.

HOTLINKS  Above Hover mouse where it reads Advertise NOW.  Scroll down and click My Website Business.

What are Hotlink Sites?
Hotlink sites are your websites or businesses that you are advertising. Every Safe list Ad you post will have a Hotlink embeded at the bottom that will lead readers directly to your Hotlink website. NOW you can also send Guaranteed Traffic Visitors directly to your Hotlink Sites through our Traffic Exchange System.

Url           Change to your URL.

Title               DWSEarner Pays

Description  All you need at the one location. Generating a real income on line.

Once added at the right where it reads.

Send Traffic to this Hotlink Site. ADD the credits in the empty box.

Post your ON LINE Safe list Ads Return Click Advertise now and work your way though.


This is our ONLINE version of our famous Safe list Ads system. Now your safelist ad will be posted on our website in our "Post On Line" page for our members to read and click for credits.

Like our emailed safe list ads, readers are required also visit your hotlink site(s) and stay for 10 seconds!

As a GOLD member I am allowed to Post ONLINE Ads 30 times per day.

Follow the step by step instructions on how to add then save the emails you will be sending.


Once done then everything is set up on auto pilot. All you need to do is then log in daily and select the ad from the drop down box "Choose Saved Ad".


POST SAFE LIST Adds.  Click this daily. I blast this post then introduce new members to SFI.

Choose from Previously Saved Ad:  Click the drop down box V To select the add.
I rotate my advertising daily

Subject line. DWSEarner. All you need at the one location.  2016 Success.



My Simple 3 Step Formula!  
DWSEarner teamed with SFI and AIOP.

DWSEarner is a specialized advertising porthole that offers Members rewards Cash and Credits for participation.

My service provide high quality advertising targeted for people seeking for a way to earn money online along with complete account privacy, top level online security, efficient account management, and dedicated support 24/7.

You'll really notice the difference with DWSEarner in results, and down line earnings.

Forget The Flash! Get The Cash! 
Join The Team That Gets YOU Paid!
Want random upgraded referrals.
Instant down lines at Three Core Programs.
I have been using this system for years.
In to win daily tickets for surfing.

Thousands of new sites launch monthly.
Instead of jumping from site to site in search of that quick dollar. Set the plan into motion.

DWSEarner is intended to stay, grow, and compete in the field of internet advertising services.

I will do whatever it takes to become a leader you can trust and rely upon.

No need to request commissions.
I pay on the 15th of each month.
Cheers Maree
Facebook mareesfi 

Subject. Free. How I generate a real income working from home since 2011

Real Internet Income.
Rewarding random down line and cash for participation.

Start generating a real income working from home in 2016.

Promoting the original Work from home program.
How I avoid scams.
I stick with the original.
View my badges all the proof you need for 2016 success.
No hype needed as Proven and Paying me.
Cheers Maree.
Dollar Wise Team
24.7 support. 

Subject.  HOW Our AIOP Dollar Wise Team are Making Money.
Team Support is the key. (change to your link)

Jumping from program to program in search for a quick dollar.  Never Works.
Hoping to get rich from one time payment programs? Stop Day Dreaming!

I will teach you how to generate a real income working from home.

BUILD YOUR OWN LIST , Support your team,  Facebook  Rewards.

Are you still flicking from site to site in search of that quick dollar.

Expecting everything for nothing without the involvement will give NO RESULTS.

Team involvement is how to generate a real income.
Earning from home is a Reality. (change to your link)

I do not promise 6 paid signup OR $88.000 overnight.
This sort of promoting is pie in the sky fairy tales.

Cheers Maree.
Dollar wise network.


Adding Banners on Auto Pilot Promoting. I love this feature.

How to add Banner. Click POST BANNER.


A box will appear.

ADD A NEW Banner.
To add a new banner, please fill out the form below.
All banners MUST be 468 x 60 in order for it to display correctly. 

Copy and paste these banner links into the empty boxes.

DWSEarner teams with SFI and Facebook Link.

DWSEarner Ticket Splash Page.

Admin Watch Banner.

I use my tracking link from Relmax tracking. Not a member then use DWSEarner Splash link.


SFI Gift Card Banner. YOU need an account at Traffic Wave to design capture Splash Page.

I offer to design these free for all my team.

Not a member join here.   

Price bender banner link.

Remember to change my links to yours.

Banner Title:  
Banner File URL:  
Alt text:  
Target URL:  
Show: times per day 


Next you will need to click Convert CREDITS INTO IMPRESSIONS BUTTON.

Convert my Credits to Impressions
Convert your credits into impressions so you can assign impressions to your banners.

You have 451,346 credits. Need more Credits?  BUY NOW Click the blue button to purchase.

You have 23409 unassigned banner impressions.

As a GOLD member your Conversion Ratio: 5  Credit(s) = 1  Impression

Convert credits into banner impressions Click Convert Button Now at the right.

Enter above in the empty box how many Credits you wish to convert. Eg 200000


Banner Preview
SFI Gift Cards


Status: Active

Free $12 to get you started.
Amount to assign: impressions
Santa Club


Status: Active

Team Building at its best. Random cash prizes
EDIT DELETE STATS Amount to assign: impressions
Price Bender.


Status: Active
Huge savings on Retail
EDIT DELETE STATS Amount to assign: impressions
DWSEarner Tickets.


Status: Active.
Surf N Win Ticket Entries

Amount to assign: impressions


Status: Active

Upgraded members get Power Ups

Amount to assign: impressions

Banner Links. Remember to delete http: before copy and pasting the links to the other recommended Safe Lists I use below..

What are GiftPons??

GOTSafelist'sGift Coupons also know as "GiftPon" are FREE gifts that we give out to you, our members. The GOTSafelist team came up with this great feature to show our appreciation to our members and hope that it will help you and your businesses grow. GiftPons will in the form of Credits, AdSpace or Cash and MORE!

How Does it Work?

We will send out GiftPon Codes to your contact email(, safelist email( or post it somewhere our website. Once you get the GiftPon Code you can simply claim you Gift(s) by submitting the GiftPon Code below.

Who Can Claim the Gifts?

Most GiftPons can be claimed by ALL GOTSafelist members. However there will be some Extra Special Gift Pons that can ONLY be claimed by Bronze Silver or Gold Upgraded members.



Mary Annes new site. I have been following this Admin since 2010.
I do not hesitate to join and grab her One Time Life Time Offers with New Launches.

One Off Life Time Upgrade for SFI promoting a Life time.
Price will go up soon. To Cool Only $39.95...

I like being one of the first using the new site to promote SFI on Auto Pilot.

Also Mary Anne never fails to pay here members when we request to PayPal our Earnings.

Sign up Log in then click REDEEM CODE.

THIS IS My OWN EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE I GIVE OUT  Supporting my team with SFI Promoting.:4pwgqwb

Add the same banner promotional links above.

THIS IS My OWN EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE I GIVE OUT  Supporting my team with SFI and DWSEarner Promoting.: 4pwgqwb

Lets Start.

Click Edit Account. YOUR ACCOUNT

Accepting email ads or Read On Site inbox:  Select from the drop down box   NO EMAILS READ ON SITE.

Enter your name Your PayPal Email @ Address so you can get paid:

Your Twitter Username:

Your Facebook Username:



If you activate time (above), then time auto distributes.
Do you want the time to be active or paused?
(make sure you add your banners below!)

Click the drop down box and select activated.

CLICK the box update

YOUR BANNER ADS...  Check out the minutes with Upgrading Gave Me.
You have 10 banners listed & 10001099 minutes.

Return after adding each banner and repeat.



SFI Team Building.


Click Send EMAIL  Ad

(Other adds listed Above at Got Safe list.)

You can use this every 2 days unless you're
upgraded, then there is no limit on sending.




Free Start generating a real income working from home.

Free Random down line and cash for participation
View my Badges. All the proof you need

If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to be schemes.
I've always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST
(and not a "pie in the sky" fairy tale)

The beauty is whether you sign up or not. I will be earning tomorrow.
Wouldn't you like to be in the same position.
All I can do is show you how I earn daily.

The next step is up to you.See you on the other side.
Stop Jumping from Site to Site in Search of that quick dollar.
It never works.
STOP and sign up today. Prosper in 2015

24/7 Face book support mareesfi

Enter where it reads. YOUR WEBSITE URL     

CHECK HOW MANY MEMBERS HAVE joined then enter credits to send.


Click Return to Site.

NEXT click Banner List.
Free members can earn FREE advertising for SFI.


Safe list Organizer:
The wait period for each safe lists varies from 1 day ~ 7 days.

And if you do not keep track of these things, you'll find yourself wasting a lot of time logging into a safe list only to find that you cannot post yet.
If you do not wish to pay and use an Auto-Safelist-Submitter just yet, you can use the following tip to help you organize your posting effort more efficiently.
First, after you have posted to a safe list, write down its URL and the wait period. And put this entry under a category with the next date you can post again.

This way, whenever you opened up the file, you'll know exactly which safe lists you're able to post to again and will not waste too much time logging into each safe lists.
Such method can be easily done by using any word file. Remember to have a similar organizer setup for your advertising effort if you do not wish to use a auto-submitter.

Auto Responders are a great way to promote and build a mailing list to broadcast to, building a mailing list on Auto Pilot.


We are offering a special upgrade package with all the "extra's".
This is a great package with huge value to it! See below...

If you get it today, you can get all of this; They were one of the first I upgraded with joining on: 01-13-2010

 You get 50,000 email sending credits added to your account now. Then you will get 5000 more added, EVERY DAY.

Each credit means that your ad will be mailed to one member, each member is grabbed by random so that your mail list is different everyday. This saves a lot of time because it is optional if you want to gain more credits by reading member ads.
You can horde these credits and save them for big mailings or use them everyday.

  Your ad will show on all referral pages. As you saw on the signup page, there is a list of "Latest Email Headlines..." those are ads sent by upgraded members. The top one is the most recent ad sent. The next 25 follow after that. As you saw, the email subject line is linked with the url that you send in your email ads. This shows to all visitor traffic, which is very heavy traffic!

  You get a top sponsor ad that is shown on emails that are sent to members. We grab one of these sponsor ads by random and insert them in the mail outs.

I use the same safe list adds above you see listed for Got Safe List.


YOUR SPONSOR AD Click at the left and set it up.

Tex link I add.  Promoting SFI on Auto Pilot.

24/7 Money Spinner. Free Rewarded Random down line.  CLICK Update THIS. 



 maree wells







Earn $10 on referral upgrades Earn $20 on referral upgrades
----------- Earn $5 on 2nd level sales
----------- 1 weekly email ad to all members using THE COVETED AUTOSEND!
----------- 13000 credits
List 2 sites List unlimited sites
List 1 banner List unlimited banners
Earn cash & credits surfing 50 a day Earn cash & credits surfing 50 a day
----------- 400 monthly credits
1x the chances to win $20 from surfing 4x the chances to win $20 from surfing
----------- LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: you are put in a line where you get PAID a FREE $10 commissions as new sales are made with Tier 2 upgrades

This is a ~SUPER~ simple and ~NEWBIE~ friendly site!

You can do 50 clicks a day = get advertising, get paid & win

--- GREAT method of advertising
--- SUPER method of making commissions
--- SIMPLE method of winning some easy instant $20 payments!

You can start getting this immediately with
this absolutely freakin' good traffic exchange:

First Log in and change your settings to receive within the site.

I do not hesitate to grab the life time upgrades. This gives you a life time of promoting for SFI.

It takes only 8 minutes a day to surf 50 sites. Watch for special days when you can surf MORE than 50 sites! This limit is to bring in more members surfing since it is so limited.


Click the drop down box. Select the NO On site Email Ad box only.

Enter your PayPal email address to be paid. I add PayPal beside this so Mary Anne knows it is not PayZa


Add your profile Picture.  Click the yellow box Click here to browse your picture.  You will be taken to your computer. Select which document your photo is listed at. Click on your photo. Click Open. Return to 50Aday and click UP LOAD THIS>

Scroll up. Click Add your Sites here.

  Enter the amount of credits to use in the empty box.

WEBSITE URL: You DO need to have the http:// in there...  Change my SFI id to yours.

I enter my TWave Splash links to capture email addresses. lcp/sfipays/sfipays lcp/sfipays/trafficwavepays lcp/sfipays/gdisuccess

Click add this.

click the links to make sure they are working.

Click above Dash Board to return to home page.

Click Make Money to find your promotional link.

Right click on the banners to save to your computer. Scroll down and click save as. Where it reads file name enter 50adbutton.
click save. Remember which file you saved the photo to at your computer for future reference,.
Ready to promote at Paid Verts. 

For a one time LIFE TIME Fee for your upgrade. Prosper in 2015 while exploding your SFI down line.
You earn $20 (plus $5 on 2nd level sales) on every sale you refer. 

Click above Dash Board to return to the Home Page.

Scroll up Click Add Banners. 

Copy and Paste these banner links into the empty box.

Click Add this.   Once you have copied over the links.

Click above Dash Board to return to the Home Page.

Click Auto Send Add. 

You can change this ad at anytime.
It will send it once a week for you to ALL members!

Subject line. Free. Generating a real income. Rewarded for participation.

Body of Email. Copy and paste this into the empty box. Changing my name etc to yours.

Team Work Equals Power!
Prosper in 2015.
Generating a real income working from home.
SFI Established 1998. No hype needed.
This great team system is working miracles for me - it will do the same for you!
Your site will get an audience!  

Be rewarded for participation. FREE.
Team support is the key.
Receive Random down line and cash Monthly.
It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight.
Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online.
After signing up. Keep an eye out for my Welcome email with the link to receive my Free Step by Step Training boot camp series.
SFI Gold Team Leader. 
Surfing and earning since 2009.

Copy and paste your promotional SFI link. Where it reads your Website Url.  Quick and simple. Change my SFI id to yours.

Click the green box update. 

Click above Dash Board to return to the home page. 

Click Surf Sites. Do this daily then your SFI advertising will be done for you on Auto Pilot. 

Trusted Admin I have been following since 2010.

Change settings once inside to receive emails within the site. maree dollarwise

Once you have signed up. Make sure to check your in box to verify the registration.

Your account is created! You will need to login now and turn off your email receiving mode in
order to NOT have ads delivered to your email box.

I log in monthly and send my adds on auto pilot as I have life time upgrades.

I stopped joining any more new launches.

As I realized every few months Admin just set up new sites.

I was joining and upgrading at them all, but then I started to find it was best to stick with the sites I was already upgraded with. As the New Launches were proving to be a waste of time and money.


SFI  Advert to post at all safe lists.

Heading 24/7 Money Spinner. Free Rewarding Random down line for participation.

You will have a SFI Platinum Team Leader. 24/7 Support. 11189449.3113

Are you tired of all these fly-by-night programs that keep ripping us off.
Need look no further.
A real business with real earnings.
Are You Searching for Something Real??
Need look no further. 11189449.3113 

(change to your ID. See how I add a tracking code.)

Tired Of Programs That Don't Work And Don't Pay?
Want A System That Is FREE And Pays You?
Here's One That IS REAL: Paying its members for the past 15 years.
Creating quite the snow ball effect. Growing larger, day by day, month by month, year by year.
I randomly transfer new down line to existing down line as rewards for participating daily.
A real business with real earnings. Others try to duplicate SFI, but never achieve the same success.
“A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits.” Free training while earning.
Team support is the key to success.
Join me. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Maree Dollar wise Team

SFI Platinum Team Leader 11189449.3113 mareesfi



$25 Free Bonus. Plus Guaranteed 5 Paid sign ups

My Dollar Wise Matrix is an automatic down line creator and will begin the creation of income from 5-25 different Income resources for life.

This is how I achieve SFI Platinum team leader and level 5 in the leadership challenge.
YOU can duplicate my system for any program you wish to expand.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?
5-20 CURRENT PTC Groups referrals in your Dollar Wise Team Build matrix.
By participating and promoting and getting referrals....
but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you?
Well, that is EXACTLY what happens when you join the Dollar Wise Matrix!

FREE Bonus 1. $25.00 Activate GDI Training Bonus.
Free Bonus 2. Simple Web master to design your website. 
Be on line within 48 hours.
FREE Bonus 3. $250 when 10 of your team complete their GDI Training Bonus.
Free Bonus 4.  Refer 5 in one Week,
Free Bonus 5. GDI Team Dollarwise.
Team  work, promoting then sharing the GDI team Bonus Monthly. $250 - $5000  Awesume.

Your partner for success, the beauty is whether you sign up or not I still will be earning money tomorrow.
Wouldn't you like to be in the same position.
You Too Can Turn $10/monthly Into A Six-figure Income at GDI.
Maree Wells
Facebook mareesfi  24/7 support.
Dollar Wise Team.

Traffic Wave.

Free Month Trial. 24/7 Training Support.  Original Work from home program

By learning to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into Traffic Wave for maximum leverage.  
Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.  This gives you numerous streams of different income resources.
Traffic Wave looks overwhelming  but it is drop dead simple. Start with baby steps, that will turn into giant leaps.
Free Month Trial. 24/7 Training Support.

This post Is for you if:
    You've wasted money on lead purchases that are useless.
    You use safe lists and aren't seeing results.
    Your banner advertising campaigns aren't producing results.
    Your text advertising campaigns aren't producing enough new clients.
    You've tried surf exchanges only to wind up with dead beat Freebee seeking affiliates.

This post is Not for you if:
    You think you know everything about advertising.
    You are sold on and believe in old school advertising methods many of which are listed above.
    You aren't the type of person who likes to learn new marketing methods.
    You don't like to take time for developing a true relationship with your clients.
    You think you don't have time to learn something new (Big Mistake!).
    You think everything will be handed to you on a silver platter and don't have to work to grow your business!

With Summer coming to a close and advertising/recruiting season fast approaching, it is vital that you get your marketing techniques in order.
This all starts with you getting rid of what doesn't produce results and embarking on a learning adventure to find out what will.
It's time to clean up the shop and get new tools!
The beauty is whether you sign up or not. I will be earning tomorrow. Wouldn't you like to be in the same position.
Cheers Maree.
Surfing and earning full time since 2009.

Request your Free Months Trial now.

You need to be consistent to get anywhere in internet marketing, not just promote for a day then giving up saying internet marketing is a scam.

If instant riches were that easy on the internet, everybody would be quitting their regular jobs!  

Any smart business person knows that an ad is only as good as its ability to generate profits through new sales.
These profits are usually measured in what is called Return On Investment (ROI).

An ad campaign is always measured by its ROI and if that ROI is lacking, the ad either goes through dramatic changes or gets dropped by the advertiser altogether.
But the big question is how to track your own ROI.
Most of us spin our wheels placing ads every where we can think of and then hoping we get results.

We might even see some sales come in but we don't know where they saw our ad or how they found our site.
When you join Traffic Wave Net in addition to powerful unlimited auto responders and lead generation tools, you will also be able to track an unlimited number of ad campaigns by using our AdTracker system.  I use SFI ad tracker system.

Our AdTracker system supplied at SFI or Traffic Wave, will show you exactly which ads are producing results.
When you know which ads are working and which are not, you can focus your efforts on continuing profitable campaigns, tweaking and developing new campaigns, and getting rid of campaigns that are not producing results.
The AdTtracker is included with your Traffic Wave Net account Plus your SFI account and can be used to track an unlimited number of ad campaigns:

Ezine advertising
Signature Lines
Banner Ads
FFA Page Ads
Search Engine Listings
Online Classifieds
Search Directories
Link Exchanges
And Much More....
When you know what is working, you know how to spend your time.

I always check my hit tracking results at SFI. You need to do this weekly

   Keycode: 2023 | Hits: 1032      Free Ad Grid
    Keycode: 1011 | Hits: 928       Click Voyager    

    Keycode: 5005 | Hits: 588       Earn easy cash      

    Keycode: 1017 | Hits: 190       Free Ad Network
    Keycode: 2001  | Hits: 95        Cash Club international

    Keycode: 1005 | Hits: 93         Auto Submit Genie
    Keycode: 3023 | Hits: 299       Clickzia   

    Keycode: 4001 | Hits: 38         Kule Cash
    Keycode: 4010 | Hits: 37         V traffic rush.     

    Keycode: 1004 | Hits: 30         Free traffic lotto.
    Keycode: 1001 | Hits: 23         IBO Social       

    Keycode: 1046 | Hits: 14         Twitter        

    Keycode: 2008 | Hits: 12         Apsense

    Keycode: 2024 | Hits: 12         Facebook
    Keycode: 9023 | Hits: 60         Dollarwise1 Site








Log in to Safe lists. When you click send my email, You will see a box appear like the picture above..

Copy and paste your email to the empty box.

Next Left click and hold mouse, highlight the entire email blue.

Then at the top Experiment a Little.

Click B this will make it go bold. Make sure the email is still highlighted.

Next click size or where you see the icon 22 (Change my clicking the drop down box) I click med or 5, 24etc.

Where the box says A this is the first color to choose. (Select from the drop down box)

A in Yellow is the second color. Play around a little with the above boxes.

Then at the side just click.  The blue high light will disappear and the email should be in color. Then click send when you are happy with it. 

If you want to change it. Left click and high light the email or individual line you wish to edit.  It will be highlighted blue again.

Build My Down lines. Click the Banner and Sign Up.

I have tested numerous sites to promote with and purchase

Instant Down line for DWSEarner and SFI..

I have found Build My Down Lines is the best site to participate daily with giving great results.

1.  Sending Emails.

2.  Emailing Down line.

3. Sending Offers for Sign ups.

Lets Start. Keep an eye out for the OTO.

Make sure to upgrade to get the most from this site.

Very Affordable and well worth the upgrade. Getting More Kick For Your Dollar.

LOG IN! You will see a Log In Add to View. It will read.

Congratulations! You won 48 Mailing Credits.
At the Far Right Click the Close X  once the timer reaches 0)

1. At the left Click the Icon YOUR Sponsor.

Here read all about ME> Click the follow Button.

Click the Send Message ( Add your DWSEarner Id and introduce yourself. Also add Give me 100 Tickets at DWSEarner and 500 Credits Please Maree if a Free Member. 500 Tickets and 2000 Credits If you upgrade.Once you have typed your message CLICK SEND> Click Close.

Hi Maree Should I join all the sites in down line builder In Build my Downline

ANSWER NO> Only enter Ids listed with Down line builder sites listed at DWSEarner.


Lets Continue.

At the Left Click The Home Icon and read the Entire Page. Learn How Build My Down Line Operates.

Admin Announcement...!
Get Your Ad Seen When Users Login! BUY Credits (CLICK make sure to select a Login Ad Views package) 

A Page will open. I select

1200 Login Ad Views 1200 $ 10.00

Click Buy Now.

I select the PayPal or Payza Button. A link will appear to enter the Payment Processor  Log In Read and Verify then Click Pay.

Wait YOU will then be taken back to Build MY Down line.

IT will READ Thank you for the payment. YOU Then Need to Log Back into your account.CLICK the LOG IN BUTTON.

Log In Adds. Click Account Details.

Scroll down and click the link Log In Page Adds to set up. At the far right in very small blue writing click where it reads. Add Login Page AD Copy and Paste Link. Add credits to assign. CLICK SAVE LogIn Add.

Return to Account Details. Click the Upgrade button to compare prices. 

Click Buy Credits and review the different packages on offer.

Above Click Private Messages and READ.

At the Far Right Click the spy glass and reply to all messages. Communication is the life line of any business.

Once a week tidy up your In Box. Tick all boxes then tick the rubbish can to delete once read.

Daily I click Above Email ADDS and read when I have finished my daily to do at SFI and surfing at DWSEarner.

When you click a box will appear with a list of emails. Click the blue links to open.

Click Where it reads. Click Below To Verify You Read This Message And Earn Credits:

Thanks for Clicking!
As a security precaution, please complete the RECAPTCHA within the box and then clicking the "Go" button.
You will not be able to continue earning credits until this is solved correctly.

Tick the empty Box where it says Im not a robot wait for it to show green then tick GO. A link will open in a second browser window.

When it reads. Congratulation you have won "33" credits.  Close the Browser and repeat.

AT the LEFT Click Community. A New browser window will open. Click Get Started.

Fill in the info. EG My User Name is DWSENo1 When Finished CLICK Create Account.

It WILL READ Thank you DWSENo1. Your registration has been submitted.

The community administrator has chosen to require validation for all email addresses. Within the next 10 minutes (usually instantly) you'll receive an email with instructions on the next step. Don't worry, it won't take long before you can post! The email has been sent to Find and Verify Email.)

At G Mail Click at the Left the MORE Button Then the SPAM button if you can not find the email.

The Heading is

Marketing Checkpoint

I do not Bother with I found I was receiving to many emails. The point is for promoting DWSEarner and SFI.

ONCE A week I tidy up my Spam Folder Click Above the blue link Delete all Spam Messages NOW.

Click at the Left The Home Button. Get into the habit of clicking all unwanted emails and sending them to your spam folder. 

Account Details.

Be sure to click and go though each individual Link. Click Above Personal then Social. Filling in details.

At the left Click The Icon Join OR Submit Offers.

Click the + Submit offer to set up. 

Click the My Advertising Offers Daily to verify New Members Sign ups.

Study each Link and start to learn how to Set these Offers Up Etc.

At the left Click The Icon Email Advertising.

Click Send Email Add. I love the fact that once you have set up the email be sure to click the box. Save this Email then simple you just log in Select from the Saved emails. Where it reads Previous Emails.

Select from the drop down box which email you wish to send. I rotate DWSEarner and SFI and my AIOP Splash link.

BEFORE Clicking Send Mail. Remember to click the Link your offer :  Selecting from the Drop Down Box.

I log in daily blasting my Emails and Checking my Log in Adds + Offers For Sign ups.


DWSEarner Example of Tex Add.

I got sick of all the hype and false promises.
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DWSEarner is intended to stay, grow, and compete in the field of internet advertising services.
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No need to request commissions. I pay on the 15th of each month.

Unique to DWSEarner. 
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Log into DWSEarner. Click Adds. Simple add all your Core Business campaigns.
Click Affiliates Grab your Promo Wall Link and blast all your sites in rotation.
Check in daily at DWSEarner to see what spot prizes are on offer via the Surf Chat.
Admin promotes all members promo wall, Square Banners and Mini Branders throughout DWSEarner Surfing Network.

FREE Bonus. Sign up.
Send in a support ticket Heading.
New Member.  Redeem 2000 Credits to get you started.
300 tickets. Double if upgraded.
Add DWSEarner Id Full Name and state upgraded to receive double.

Cheers Admin  Maree

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Build by the members for the members.

SFI Example of Tex Add. 

Free. How to generate a real income online in 2016
Are you Motivated, Passionate and Love Personal Development?
Join Our DWSEarner Home Based Online Business.
Flexible working hours.  No peak hour traffic or office politics!
HOW Admin Team Builds SFI on Auto Pilot.

Once a week I shout myself a burger to celebrate my weekly success with DWSEarner.
The cost of last nights burger was MORE than the cost of the ENTIRE Months Upgraded membership fee at DWSEarner. 
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All upgraded members are placed under an upgraded Active Reshuffle Team Leader.

Be Part Of An Effective Team Build Where:
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While People Were Busy Chasing The Latest Online Biz Craze.
I decided to share my secrets on how I have been earning on line for years.
Setting up my own Traffic Exchange offering the NEW DWSearner Coop.
One link will generate Numerous Income Streams.
How cool is that.

You decide.
1 Large  Burger
A Proven and Paying Network that I have been generating sales from for years.
Weekly I get both.
Cheers Maree.
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