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Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more.

Lock in Now to the original Work from home Program.

True 24/7 support for all your down line when off line, giving them access to your Cash Generating Website.  You can duplicate this page for any business.

I use McAfee Web Security.  Best investment I make on line. 

I then share the information with my team.     

McAfee test the sites I am surfing and block content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. NEVER log into PayPal Via ANY Email.

Set up your Daily Planner TODAY.


By learning to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI GDI and Traffic Wave for maximum leverage.

Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.

Once you are participating daily and earning with your sale generating leads program.

Use some of your down line earnings to upgrade at the sites listed at Traffic Pro. Down line Builder.










    Wouldn't it be great to have a decent extra income coming from a simple program like this?
    Join, Invite and Receive Cash.   It's that easy!

    Receive Random Down line to introduce to your SFI Training Website

                                  These sites are complementary to maximize your SFI Referrals, Sales, and CASH!
                              Most Important before joining check with your SFI sponsor for their links to sign up from.

                                                                             I have done all the donkey work for you.

    This banner comes from A Program I joined years ago. I feel it is very misleading.

    I am still waiting for the $10 K Earnings from my $20 Investment.

    WARNING. Stay well away from ClickAd Xpress. Worst scam on line

    Fact. 1000's of new sites launch daily. Only a few will still be on line in six months time.

    Others try to duplicate my Dollar Wise Network but never achieve the same success.
    Disappearing into the night in a few short months with all their members hard earned cash.

    To many people skim through the training then wonder why they are not achieving results.

    Your earnings will be determined by your participation.

    My Dollar Wise Matrix is an automatic down line creator and will begin the creation of income from 5-25 different Income resources for life. With having an on line presence.  Team Building at its best.

    To all newbies that get frustrated when they receive my training emails. 

    Do NOT Reply stating that it is all to confusing and why do you send so many links to join.

    YOU need to realize that successful marketers share their programs with their down line.

    Like ME I will be testing these recommended sites my Sponsors sent me Via SFI GDI and Traffic Wave.

    I will be investing the time researching these recommended sites. Doing the Donkey Work For YOU>

    I have invested thousands of dollars building up my Sales Generating Leads Program.

    First. There is no such thing as over night success.   Do not believe all the hype you read.

    Second. As with any new business venture it takes time to develop and requires investment.

    Third. For online success your business needs an Auto Responder to communicate and keep your team updated..

    Fourth. Setting up your GDI SFI training website will maximize your profits while building your list of clients.

    Fifth. Nothing comes Free. IT takes money to make money. The more you invest the higher the rewards.

    If you only have $10 to Budget Monthly. JOIN GDI

    Let me leave you this quote by Victoria Addino ---
    “Always strive to aim for the highest peak of the goals in life you have set, this way if you manage to reach even half way toward a goal, landing in the middle is not such a bad place to end up.”

    Team building Training Pages. Be sure to view.


    An hour per day will send money your way.

    Duplicate this system for any business you wish to expand.

    For any sort of success. An Online Presence is Essential.

    DAILY TO DO: Share this plan with all your DWSEarner and SFI down line TEAM.

    I log in and work from this page daily.

    Keep An Eye Out For Welcome emails With Tips for individual sites setting up the Networks.

    Face Book Post. I go and blast this also at the groups I belong to.

    Calling all Stall holders Arts and Crafts Suppliers.
    Members are waiting to view and do a little shopping.
     Register FREE now. Got a business Need a Website. Need Look NO Further.
     I transferred my Store here after the Christchurch Earthquakes.
    Weekly I go to my Local Mall and withdraw my earnings from the Master Card Triple Click Supplies. Awesome. 
    Sign up then send me your Store link to add to our Sales Page I share with all our team.  Check results at SFI for promoting.

    Ap-sense Post .  Refer 5 in a month Claim Free Upgrade.
    Share Article Link at ApSense article/daily-to-do-plan-i- follow-team-building-sfi.html

    Check daily Mission and Claim

    Check Progress of Team Rewards. I offer incentives to my teams.

    GDI I offer to refund into paypal every third member that signs up there First Months Payment.

    SFI    Welcome Mangager. This encourages sign ups if they see their SFI Team Leader is willing to reward their members.

    Select which Option you wish to offer your team.

    Members sign up then I send them a welcome email telling them to make sure to check emails to receive

    my sign up bonus. Letting them know they only have 24 hours to claim before the offer expires.

    Traffic Wave. Once a week I log in and check new members that have registered for the matrix buster.

    Log in. Click above Affiliate Manager, then at the left click and view matrix buster.

    Remember we do not join new sites listed. We stick with our Dollar wise Down line builder.

    Send Traffic Wave email to team.  Click above Affiliates then at the left click email down line.

    Click Affiliate url and send a different one to Face Book. Only do this every few days.

    Duplicate the Welcome Emails you receive from Me to Re Send to your TEAM.

    Another Face Book Post.
    I am recruiting 🌹 🌸 all evening.. Please contact me if you're looking for a REAL work from home opportunity -

    Start FREE then climb up the Leader ship Ladder.
    Do not hesitate 👌 message me.
    YOU will have a SFI Platinum Team Leader, ready to share her knowledge, on how to generate a real income working from home.
    Register Free for my Boot Camp Training. Then be sure to sign up from the redirection link.

    Communicate with your SFI Top Movers.  Click the name of the individual mover.

    A Box will open showing their individual details. 

    Click and view their VP ledger and send words of encouragement and support.

    It is up to each of these new individuals to set the plan in motion. TEAM Participation is Essential to achieve results.

    More instructions can be found here. READ TO SUCCEED

    Income For Life Show Me the Money   Global Domains International, Inc.

      SFI Reference Links. 

    When in doubt. I have designed these training articles in more detail.                                                   My Blog with interesting articles.                          Easy step by step instructions to follow.                           How to participate and promote SFI.  Read to Succeed. Leaders                  Plan I follow achieving Team Leader Monthly.                  Pays                           GDI.   Achieve your GDI Training Bonus. Getting_started_              Newbies guide. Setting up your promoting for SFI Duplication_post      Duplicate Posts. Coop_and_emails     Setting up Coop at SFI. Gift_Cards                       How to redeem Gift Card Codes.       How to apply then set up your listings.

    Your SFI business is ideal for those who are inexperienced and are eager to see profit quickly.

    It’s also perfect for those who have been struggling for years without making a break through yet.

    How I began in 2013. Building my SFI business.I set about designing a Home Viewing Package to present to all my family and friends.  Introducing them to SFI at my Party Plan Parties I hold monthly.

    I offered incentives of free presents for bringing a few friends with them.

    I also purchase some products from Local ECA Stores.

    Keep An Eye Out For Welcome email and your tracking link when you join GDI.

    This is the bread and butter to generate a real income online.

    View my screen shot of earnings.  Take note I had earned $4190.011 as of July 2015.

    Imagine my earnings in 2016. 

    I solely use GDI for the webmaster to design these training pages.

    The affiliate program is an extra bonus.





    No matter what life throws at you.

    Feel confident in the knowledge. YOU can always generate a real income. Working from home.

    Christchurch  Earthquake 2011. Yes I survived.


    Safe list posting. Experiment with changing your posts before sending.

    How to activate your promotional links. 

    This is one of the main things you need to learn to promote at Safe Lists ETC.
    High light the word you wish to alter in your post.

    Left click your mouse and run it over the entire word link.

    It will now be highlighted blue.
    Stop at the last letter, make sure there are no gaps.
    Place fingers on the Control Bottom left of key board with the letter c at the same time.
    Click the chain above it will say link. A box will open. Where it reads Web Address

    Enter the link you wish the words to activate.

    Example I highlight. 24/7 Support.  I then add this link into the box.

    High light the Link . Left click your mouse and run it over the entire SFI link. It will now be highlighted blue.
    Stop at the last letter, make sure there are no gaps.
    Place fingers on the Control Bottom left of key board with the letter c at the same time.  This is called COPY
    Left click you mouse where it reads http: link. Remember to delete this first.

    Place fingers on Control button and letter V YOUR link will now appear.

    This is called PASTE.

    Click OK. You now will see your signature in the next email you send.

    High light the word you wish to alter in your post. Make larger etc

    Experiment clicking B for Bold  Size Select etc.  Click each little icon you see above.


    I always check my hit tracking results at SFI. You need to do this weekly

        Keycode: 5555 | Hits: 3980
        Keycode: 3117 | Hits: 1793
        Keycode: 6646 | Hits: 1507
        Keycode: 7788 | Hits: 924
        No Keycode | Hits: 808
        Keycode: 2255 | Hits: 599
        Keycode: 1105 | Hits: 562
        Keycode: 9222 | Hits: 439
        Keycode: 4444 | Hits: 254
        Keycode: 7888 | Hits: 252
        Keycode: 2209 | Hits: 245
        Keycode: 2065 | Hits: 198
        Keycode: 7646 | Hits: 180
        Keycode: 1205 | Hits: 177
        Keycode: 3204 | Hits: 155
        Keycode: 6776 | Hits: 112
        Keycode: 3113 | Hits: 75
        Keycode: 3233 | Hits: 67
        Keycode: 1046 | Hits: 59
        Keycode: 1107 | Hits: 34
        Keycode: 8766 | Hits: 31
        Keycode: 3121 | Hits: 30
        Keycode: 1118 | Hits: 29
        Keycode: 1113 | Hits: 18
        Keycode: 7066 | Hits: 16
        Keycode: 1055 | Hits: 15
        Keycode: 9146 | Hits: 12

    Important join all Safe List sites at a SECOND G mail Account. Keeping your main account clean Duplication_post     

    Duplicate My Posts.  Remember change my links to yours.

    This is the post I send to new Triple Click Members I receive.

    Click the link in the email to go and view the new members.

    I do this to open the browser. DO not send a Gift Certificate.
    The name will appear at the far right is a very small blue box with the letters TM
    Click this then send them this post changing my links to yours. 
    I record on my computer the last person I Sent a message to        Benjamin Beers

    Sponsors Free support Triple Clicks     

    Hi and welcome to Triple Clicks.

    Be sure to click the link for SFI and activate your account.

    This is the back bone of Triple Clicks.

    A great working from home business opportunity.

    You use the same log in details.

    register here to receive my Free Step by Step Training Program lcp/sfipays/sfipays

    Connect at Face Book. 24/7 support mareesfi


    The beauty is with every purchase your down line make at SFI at Triple Clicks.

    You will also earn commissions.

    YOU receive cash incentives from all your down line purchases 12 Levels deep. leadership/11189449

    View how I reward my down line for participation.

    GDI you get a 7 day FREE trial.

    We use them to design our SFI training websites with a sales generating leads program.

    I team SFI with GDI Win Win Situation.

    Send me your GDI user name password and SFI Id number.
    I will have your website up and running within 24 hours.

    Cheers from Maree
    Surfing and earning in New Zealand.
    Platinum Team leader


    Want Guaranteed! Upgraded!

    Random referrals with 4 Paying Programs.

    24/7 Support Via Social Media.


    Lock In Your Spot Free Today.  7 Day  Free Trial. Nothing to lose everything to gain.







    I have invested thousands of dollars setting up my Network for promoting SFI.

    Reinvesting earnings into Life time Upgrades at these sites.

    Sadly believing everything I was reading Years Ago.  It dawned on me that the Internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies.

    I check randomly every so often if the sites are still on line as I starting building this sales funnel way back in 2010.

    It is amazing how many I have removed as they have disappeared into the night taking all there members hard earned cash with them.

    I started to notice in 2013 that a lot of admin were launching new sites every few months.

    When they really needed to concentrate on the original site I joined.  So I stopped following them.

    I  Reinvest Half My Commissions Purchasing Bulk Promoting at .

    One of the best advertising portholes on line.

    BUT only join if you are willing to invest and understand how to purchase and fill in the application forms when buying in Bulk.

    I recommend to Join the Down line builder sites you see listed at DWSEarner.

    I log in Weekly and send my promoting team building for my down line.

    Reassigning the members I receive at SFI and GDI Plus DWSEarner.

    I have tested thousands of sites and these are the ones

    I continue to WORK WITH.

    I rotate these emails weekly.

    Heading.  Free random down line and cash for participation.

    SFI Platinum Team Leader.
    Who got sick of all the hype and false promises.
    Decided to Launch her Own Traffic Exchange.
    With a proven and paying Down line Sales Funnel, she has been using for years.

    It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight.
    Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online.
    Advertising Porthole for any Core Business you wish to expand.

    Admin has a vision for the future and HER GOALS are SET! 
    Your biggest strength online will be!
    Converting traffic into paid customers and referrals, through filling in your details in the Down line builder.
    YOU will be on your way to building that Wee Nest Egg.
    Creating quite the snow ball effect watching it grow larger. Month by Month Year by Year.

    Unique at DWSWearner.
    DWSEarner Training Group at Face Book
    Check daily emails to Redeem codes.
    Kiwi's!  Receive random Mystery Parcels in the Post for Participation.
    Home base for Triple click ECA Shopping.
    Daily Rewards at DWSearner. Keep an eye out for the Cash Banner while surfing.
    Admin Watch

    Cheers Maree
    Facebook  mareesfi
    Dollar Wise System Earner.
    Turn your computer into a Crazy Money Making Machine.

    One Large Pizza or Guaranteed Paid Sign ups.
    Once a week I shout myself a Pizza to celebrate my recent success with my
    new DWSEarner Coop.
    The Large  Pizza Cost me: $33.80
    The cost of last nights dinner was MORE than the cost of the
    ENTIRE Months Upgraded membership fees with these Four Core Businesses.

    And here is the kicker...
    It only Costs $10 per month at GDI to have this cash generating web page on line.
    Plus I design it FREE for all my Team. Unheard of elsewhere.
    Frustrated Marketers Who Cannot Recruit.
    No more trying to build down lines on your own.
    Put our Team Leaders To Work For You.
    Sick & tired of jumping from site to site in search of that quick dollar, or from team to team ... only to find out you haven't gotten anywhere.
    Be Part Of An Effective Team Build Where:
    ... The ENTIRE Team Advertises For Everyone. 
    (That's the ENTIRE Team, not just 3 or 5 members!)
    ... We Guarantee You Paying Members In Months Not Years.
    ... We Repeat and Do This For Your Team As Well
    ... We Spread The DWSEarner Coop News. So Everyone Succeeds

    We can't show you how to get rich overnight... This is all Pie In The Sky Fairytales.
    However I can show you how to use this proven pathway to be richer in 3-6 months!
    Our 100% Turn-Key Marketing System Guarantees Sales & Success!
    While People Were Busy Chasing The Latest Online Biz Craze
    I decided to share my secrets on how I have been earning on line for years.
    Setting up my own Traffic Exchange with our NEW DWSearner Coop.
    One link will generate 4 Income Streams On Line.
    How cool is that.
    You decide.
    1 Large  Pizza
    A Proven and Paying Network that I have been generating sales from for years.
    Weekly I get both.
    Cheers Maree.
    Facebook mareesfi.  (Change to your tracking Link you would of received)

    Mary Annes Sites.

    I have been following this Admin since 2010. Join at a second g mail account.

    I do not promote these sites I use them solely for promoting. 

    Personally I get sick of the way new sites are launched monthly. When I feel the admin need to sort out their original sites first.

    Change settings once inside to receive emails within the site. I have all life time upgrades with all of these sites.

    Cost range's from $68 to $125. MY investment of $1100 gives me advertising for life.

    Plus I have made huge savings over the years when I view the cost of life time upgrades now. Example Hot Spot Mailer was $25 in 2009.

    I participate here when I have spare time on my hands. Promoting SFI in the background.

    I transfer once a week credits to Wonder mailer from life time upgrade.

    You can trade in 2000 coins for a $20 "Forever Banner".

    You can get as much of this paid advertising for FREE as much as you want. maree gel=maree                                    php  


    I have invested thousands of dollars doing all the donkey work for you.

    Example these sites I grabbed life time upgrades. But would not recommend to sign up with most of them.

    So many have disappeared into the night with all their members hard earned cash.

    Check to see if they are listed at the down line builder program at DWSEarner. If not stay well away from them. rid=32 rid=443?rid=443 

    http://www.instantlistempire. com/splashpage.php?id=1&r= maree index.php?r=maree

    Life Time Upgrade. $280                 

    Gone Disappeared into the night in 2015.

    Life Time Upgrade. $480                   

    I would not recommend them. I feel my money was wasted. 

    Life Time Upgrade. $180   GONE IN 2016.  

    Life Time Upgrade. $168    Awesume site

    Best Traffic Exchange on line. One of the first I joined in 2010.  YOU earn credits instead of cash.

    Year at Free T Lotto  $41               

    Best Traffic Exchange on line. One of the first I joined in 2010.  YOU earn lotto tickets for surfing.. 

    With being upgrading I receive Free weekly advertising Packages. I just log in and allocate the credits.

    With any new launch I also get advertising packages at discounted prices to blast the New Launch.

    Life Time Upgrade $89                      

    Life Time Upgrade $35                  

    Life Time Upgrade $89                  

    Life Time Upgrade   $89                    

    Part of the TEJV Network Awesume. I still work with them.

    Life Time Upgrade                          

    Email every 5 days 2500 Random members. Participate Clicking Viewing then promoting SFI  

    Part of the Sokule Network.  I cancelled upgrades as feel they are very expensive for very little results.

    Winning Free Credits I then transfer to Crocads.

    Part of the Sokule Network.  I cancelled upgrades as feel they are very expensive for very little results.

    Life Time Upgrade $125               

    Best Investment I ever made in 2010. Still humming and receiving down line.

    Six Months Upgrade $$59.70        

    Best Investment I ever made in 2010.  Free members can earn a FREE upgrade just refer 5 new members monthly.

    Life Time Upgrade.   $10                   

    Remember to join Safe Lists at a second G Mail Account. This way it keeps your main G Mail Account un cluttered.

    Then just log in, click what you want earning credits. Then delete the rest if you are running out of time.                       

    Life Time Upgrade.   $145  Sadly I would not recommend as Admin Does not pay his members. 

    Life Time Upgrade.   $110                   


    I do not add sites to my down line builder at DWSEarner until I Review them and feel confident that they will be a wise investment for my members.

    These sites I am testing. They are Part of the Zubbee Network. 

    I invested hundreds of dollars when Zubbee Zone Launched. 

    Grabbed Years Upgrades in the middle of 2015 with these sites you will see listed here.

    I log in and work from this page once I have finished with my daily to do.




    Now That You're Here, Let's Get You Paid!

    1) Promote Your SFI Offers

    2) Show Others How To Do The Same!

    3) Keep it Simple! Keep it Profitable.

    Imagine If I had not struck to my guns with GDI.

    I would of lost all these commissions I have been receiving.


    *  NEW For 2016!  Join Our DWSEarner  GDI Team Coop That Guarantees You Get Paid!

    *  I will design FREE your cash generating web page like this one at GDI.

    *  Receive FREE  "5000 Credit Package at DWSEarner ."  Claim Via Support Ticket.

    *  Social Media Links added to your GDI promotional link. Just click and send.

    *  Monthly In To Win a share of the Coop Cash Pool. Plus Random Upgraded Members.

    *   As a team we all promote the same link, helping each other building down lines at GDI.

    *  Keep an eye out for the welcome email with instructions.

    *  Set your Goals.  Start with GDI then join one new site monthly.

    *  One Link Can Generate four different income streams.