Welcome my name is Maree Wells.

While everyone is scrambling to earn an income due to the fact Pay Pal
is no longer allowing Traffic Exchanges to use them.
Maree Designs is still paying all her club members Via PayPal.


DWSEarner and ABC4Income.

I spent thousands of dollars and hours testing the good from the bad and the ugly.  While Designing DWSEarner and ABC4Income back in 2015.

As my teams started to grow at the numerous different advertising resources I use for promoting my Maree Designs Business. 

I wanted a One Stop Work Station, where everyone could gather at the one location.



All I can do is show members how I have been generating a real income on line for years.

My Primary Goal at DWSEarner is to Avoid All the Scams and False Hype on line.

DWSEarner teaches members how to Generate a real income online!

Connecting Sellers With Buyers -
Connecting Advertisers With Sellers -
Building Their  Down lines with 5 Core Programs –
Generating Traffic –
Earning Commissions –
Branding Themselves.

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DWSEarner! Supports Our Maree Designs Community.

On Line Stores that sell Physical Products..

Setting your Goals!

Be sure to book mark this page for future reference.

I guarantee you will return often.  Select the upgrade that best suits your budget.


Find It Complicated To Make Money Online?

Stress No More.

This is the Goal To Set As YOUR Target for the First Year

Set the task of earning $15 Monthly from each New Referral as they duplicate the same system at DWSEarner ABC4Income SFI and GDI. 

This is just an estimate chart to give you an idea of Future Planning.

This is how I started way back in 2009 with GDI. Building my Sales Funnel.

Then Training 5 members at SFI in 2013! Then these 5 members training 5 in their down line.  So On and So On.


Daily To Do Guide To Follow..

All Members Including Free can  win the Spin In Win Jackpot, Pick A Block Or Raffle Prizes. Upgraded members when surfing will see a Gift box appear loaded with random Cash Giveaways, when admin decides to activate it.

Log in and click above Extra to View Prizes etc.







The key is not to go spreading your wings to far.

I suggest to do what I do. Select three main Core businesses to Promote.

Mine are SFI DWSEarner and Home Success Pro.

Using ABC4Income as our Down line builder Sales Funnel.


Daily Participate at these Advertising Portholes before moving on.



Admin has been playing the viral grid daily since 2010. Throwing her banners into the viral pool monthly.  Advertising on Auto Pilot. YOUR banners are shown on all your down line promotions.  You also win a percentage of all team participation winnings.

Social Media Blast

1,011 followers|25,677 views.  Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI and DWSEarner.



I have been using these Social Media Venues since 2011.

Takes 5 Minutes.

Simple Log in daily blast your post, accept new members connections introducing them to our Dollar Wise System Earner Network..

This is the add I run weekly at APSense. $10 for a weeks promoting.

SFI Guru shares down line club

Home Success Pro 

How I kill three birds with one Stone.

1...  I use the Monthly leads to introduce to SFI sending SFI Gift Card Codes to Redeem

2...  I send an email introducing these new leads to DWSEarner. 

3...  Members can generate there business promotional link for DWSEarner embedding the video code. 

Claim Your Free 100 Premium Leads. Then watch out for my email.





DWSEarner A Year 

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Down Line Building

Log into DWSEarner!

Click above Affiliate then down line builder signing up Via your Up Line Sponsors Links at ABC4Income.