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Ticket Winners List July 15th - August 15th.

Upgraded members have cash added to accounts.

Free members have cash value added in advertising.

Top Surfers.


Top Surfer Winner receives 1 log in add at Dollar Wise System Earner.

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1st!  59 Glynis   Nel Also receives 300 Tickets.
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2882    Gary    Canada  Also Receives  200 Tickets.
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Third  100 Tickets.

venkat    reddy  Receives 100 Tickets.

4th to 10th Placed 50 Tickets.

Debra      Archie  Larry    LaVerne     Dragan  Eric     Mary    Hati      Peter Paterson   

Surf Team! Top Leader  Joseph $5.00 Added.   July 15th - August 15th.

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Ticket Winners for the Month.

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Upgraded members will have the cash added to accounts in the next few days.


1st      $20   Janet     Smith 

2nd    $10    2193     Gyozo     Hudak   

3 Members that Won   $5.00

276     Joseph Doyle                    
2829     Peter  Paterson                    
2912     carl     collymore     

3 Members that Won   $2.00

398     Archie Bower        
59       Glynis     Nel    
1340    Robert Davis   

5 Members that Won   $1.00

2821    Sophia Garis           
162     Ivan Chelebiev 
2052    elizabeta ramsak       
2964    Shahenshah      Rizvi   
2687    Debra   Gaylor 

Santa Club Gift Cards Allocated.

Archie x1 as life time Santa Club purchase with OTO offer in 2016..     

Laverne x1

Charles x1

Debra x 2 

Gary x1

Mary x1      

June 15th to July 15th Winners.

Upgraded members have cash added to accounts. Free members have cash value added in advertising.

1st      $20   

1 59 Glynis Nel

2nd    $10    


3 Members that Won   $5.00

2687    Debra    Gaylor   
398    Archie    Bower   
2882    Gary    Canada   

3 Members that Won $2.00

2842    Elizabeth   
2883    Larry    Roederer   
2499    Dragan    Eric   

5 Members that Won $1.00

276    Joseph    Doyle   
37    MichelleJayes   
2829    Peter    Paterson   
9    LaVerne

2901 Paul Rlbillard.

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SFI Spending.
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