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You will see throughout the Internet.

That Top Marketing Guru's charge 1000's of dollars for their Blue Prints on how to succeed.

I offer the training! Supporting my team FREE.

WHY? Because their success becomes my success.

People join SFI with all levels of experience and expectations.
Many have an unrealistic view that you can join a program and get rich quick with no effort on their part.
These people will not find success.
You have to market your business SFI to grow, and you have to have a vision and goal of what you want to achieve.

Shipping costs got you down?

Check out the new digital Triple Clicks Gift Cards for an affordable, popular method of spreading the word about Triple Clicks and attracting new customers!

You can order these cards in groups of 30 at the store; just select the Digital Cards option in the Card Type pull down menu.  Saving yourself $13 in Postage.

YOU may purchase with 5,134 MRP Points OR 198 T Credits.  

If you use PayPal each purchase earns 100 VP and 5 MRP Points.        BANNER LINK I USE.

Be sure to add this banner link with your SFI Gift Card Capture link I will send you  to all the Traffic Exchanges listed at your Sales Generating Leads Program. I will design at GDI

Gift Card Tracker

Submit the details of each card you distribute to earn 10 bonus VP per card.

Also earn cool badges and prizes and get on our Gift Card Leader Ship Board by becoming a gift card distribor STAR.

Click Redemption Code to enter distribution details.

IMPORTANT: Keep it real!

When you receive an email to say you have a request for your $12 gift card. 

If you have your Gift Card Splash set up at Traffic Wave.

Everything is set up on Auto Pilot. They will receive the first letter. Then they will reply asking to redeem the code.

If not take a note of the email  and save it to your computer.  Then email the individual the code.

Save the G Mail email address adding it to a group, you can then email them weekly.

Remember to use the BBC settings so everyone will not receive the other email addresses.

Attract new customers with Triple Clicks Gift Cards!

These standard plastic cards come in packs of 30, feature an attractive TripleClicks logo design, and are redeemable for 6 T Credits and 100 MRP each at TripleClicks.

NOTE: Digital versions are ALSO AVAILABLE.

Just select the Digital Cards option in the pull down menu above.

Distribute these cards as "free samples" of the TC Store to your friends, family members, and others in your community.

They'll love getting something for free, and you'll be practicing one of the best and most proven methods for gaining new customers in marketing history!

Each TCard comes with a unique Redemption Code printed on a .5 x 1.75" label.

Simply apply the labels to each of your cards, and you're ready to go.

(For Digital TCard orders, you can access your unique Redemption codes directly at your TCard Tracker. You can then copy and e-mail them to fulfill requests from interested prospective members.)

Card recipients will access a special URL ( printed on the card (or within your e-mail).

They can then enter the Redemption Code and register as a Triple Clicks member, and get immediate access to the six TCredits and 100 MRP (Member Rewards Points)–the card's $12 face value–that their TCard entitles them to.

All of your unique Redemption Codes are permanently assigned to your SFI ID number in our database.  So, no matter WHEN the card is redeemed or by whom.

YOU will be the beneficiary (so long as you remain an active SFI Affiliate).

You will be recorded as their Referrer and they'll be recorded as your PRM (Personally Referred Triple Clicks Member). addition to the 100 VP you receive for each 30-card pack of T Cards you purchase, you'll receive 10 VP per card (300 VP per 30-card pack) upon your submission of distribution card details at your T Card Tracker report.

IMPORTANT! T Cards cannot be redeemed by existing SFI affiliates or existing TC members.

Redeem your Gift Card Codes.

This is the link to redeem the codes when you receive emails requesting the Gift Cards.  Click the link to begin.

You will see a list of codes to redeem listed at the left. Click an individual code.

Copy the first code and enter it beside the email you have just entered and saved at your computer. Before continuing.

Next follow the instructions below to redeem your 10 VP points.

Click the Code to open and claim.

A box will open.

Enter name and email address you will be sending code to.

Distribution Date
Required Field

Recipient Name (if known)

Recipient E-Mail (if known)

Recipient Relationship Required Field  
Distribution Method
Required Field  Click this and a drop down box will appear. Click online promotion.

Notes. Click the grey box here. Saying save distribution details.

YOUR List will now look like this showing whether the person has redeemed the code.

XXXXXCode 01/21/2017 OWOEYE JACOB DAMDE.COM No Relationship Online Promotion

XXXXXCode 01/05/2017 Sherilyn Cathy onunicicom No Relationship Online Promotion
YES 10
XXXXXCode 01/04/2017 Oz Ozzy ozywacom No Relationship Online Promotion
YES 10


Example of a Redemption Code: 8W4PQIUYWWI3

Next go and send an email to this new customer with their individual code added.

I use the same letter. BUT remember to change the individual code for each new request.

Here is an example of the post I send.  REMEMBER to change my links to yours.

Heading. Free $12 Gift card requested to get you started. Working and Earning from home.

Thank you for entering your email and requesting more info on how to work from home Via the Internet.

You need to be consistent to get anywhere in internet marketing.

Not just promote for a day then giving up saying internet marketing is a scam.

If instant riches were that easy on the internet, everybody would be quitting their regular jobs!

Gift card. How to redeem..

First)........ log into

Enter this code        9YLZGII93SR3

Next activate SFI. Use the same log in info as for Triple clicks.

Cheers Maree New Zealand.

Be sure to register for my FREE boot camp Training Series.

Team support is the key to success.

Cheers Maree.

Five Reasons for using Gift Card Capture Links to Promote SFI.

Once you have purchased from my ECA Store.
For me to design your SFI Gift Card Campaign.

Make sure to sign up to the Splash Campaign I design.
YOU will be viewing what your new customers will be receiving.

HOW to access the training articles.
Log into your Traffic Wave Account.
Above hover your mouse over where it reads. Auto Responder.

Scroll down and click Manage my Campaigns.
Next click the name of the campaign you want to View.
Above hover mouse where it read LETTERS Scroll down and click edit letters.
The list will appear. Click the letter you wish to view. Then click proof read.

1. More value = more customers = more commissions
When a customer receives value from you they "follow" you.

When you provide one shot advertising campaigns, hit or miss.

Then you will usually miss.

But if you provide value up front, if a customer sees your email and recognizes the sender and values that sender's input he/she will be more likely to respond to your offers. This starts with a Capture Page that offers your customer value and "captures" their email into a campaign that provides value. Not a campaign that is only an advert.


2. Reduced difficulty = increased Duplication among your Affiliates. 
Remove objections to participating with clear instructions and training. Show them how easy it is to engage as an Affiliate. Show them simply, step by step, what they need to accomplish each day. You will grow a list, and build powerful email campaigns that prepare your new Affiliates even before they engage. You will then have trained and active affiliates from day
  • No website required, your personalized Capture page will be hosted on our servers.
  • No technical skills? I write and personalize your landing page.
  • No graphic design skills? I will provide the graphic inputs necessary to brand yourself to your audience.

  • 3. Built-in training = commission boost
    Each Affiliate enters the program trained by your emails. You duplicate easily by shareing email campaigns and Capture pages. They start to develop their own list with their own active affiliates and this encourages them to stay in the game.

  • 4. Larger list = larger commissions
    As your affiliates grow their marketing list quickly and with ease - more profits for them and larger commissions for you.

  • 5. Improved Effectiveness = More Active, Qualifying Affiliates
    Dedicated landing pages can increase conversions by up to 50%. You are not popping up in front of your prospect once, but many times. He begins to grasp the significance of this business and it results  in more affiliates advancing in their rank and more success for your organization

I use Traffic Wave to design my SFI Gift Card Campaign.

View it here.


If you would like a SFI Gift Card Campaign designed capturing email addresses.

Purchase Via My ECA Store.

Use your MRP Points to purchase your SFI Gift Card Capture link I will design.

MRP Price 4,978, T Credit Price 134. Each Purchase Earns 146 VP and 5 MRP if you pay with PayPal etc.
YOU do not earn if you purchase with MRP or T Credits. 

Bonus if you are already a Traffic Wave Member Send me your Log in details to set up your campaign.