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We have a full time team of experienced TEAM LEADERS that are ready to support you via our face book groups.  WE need to pull together as a community supporting each other.




We all need to promote our websites at the same places on the same days generating massive exposure with our Cooperative team promotions, redirecting all new team members to our Down line sales funnel within our family network of sites..

Our goal is to provide the highest quality web traffic service available online at affordable prices and unlike many of our competitors, the programs we are introducing you to are all proven to pay. I have not missed a day logging into SFI since 2013.

This is where I will be hanging out, playing games and Astro bidding keeping my mind active and occupied. No time to dwell and stress out from the situation around me.

Most of us have been operating with SFI  GDI Traffic Wave Etc for YEARS>

These sites are well established and I predict that they will whether the Covid 19 storm and come out the other side stronger than ever.

All Members Earn Commission's As Affiliate Partners Within our Network of sites we will introduce you to.

If You Have Never Made A Dime Online Because Your Not Good At Promoting & Getting Referrals, Then This Is Just For You!

Total 24/7 support at U Tube, Face Book, interactive videos to share via social media outlets.

You Will Not Find Anything Like This Anywhere Else.

Check in often to my blog, I will be writing articles keeping our members updated.


Use G Mail to set up your free blogging site.  Duplicate mine.


Support our communities online stores. 


When you have spare time on your hands. Listen to some training video's.


Once you become a paid member with our LEADERSHIP CLUB you will automatically be an affiliate and we will add you to our random reassigned program.

I POOL THE CASH ADVERTISING IN BULK DAILY AT ALL THESE PROGRAMS YOU SEE LISTED.  Sign ups are guaranteed and sales are very likely.

You of course are encouraged to promote your link yourself to make even more money!

  Listen to the Video's.  This Is How Future Team Leaders Are Generated.

Power of three                             http://youtu.be/zMvmTlHS38k
Facebook set up                           http://youtu.be/yLbuayXGk_g
Covid Maree Designs Coop           http://youtu.be/gKx35s8X2pI
Traffic Wave  Remote business   http://youtu.be/kbkUCCtP6gQ

Build a client list                          http://youtu.be/5ZSzuvVDXeo

Email Marketing Social Media Set up.       http://youtu.be/mMgs6spr2sk

View some of the articles I have written at IBO. Great ideas to design yours.

On line Guru's. Affiliate Marketing Plan. Leveraging your in...

Setting up your IBO Social Media to use as Blog.

Join Us! Santa Club At Facebook.

Maree Designs Store Launch. November 24th 2016

GDI Proven and Paying Me Since 2009


This is how I have built my Sales Funnel, upgrading with new programs monthly.

Re Investing My Commissions.  Designing my Unique Plug Ins and Coop Opportunities.

Not bothering to follow Serial Admin.  ( Owners that keep launching new programs every few months.)

They are not interested in their members well being.

They are only interested in lining their own pockets with other peoples cash.

The main thing to be aware of is that there are a lot of con artists on line.

ALWAYS do a google search before joining programs. Do not accept all face book requests.

Click the members name first and read their profile page. I only accept around 2% of friend requests.



Click to view my Remote working Online business.




  I follow my daily work schedule.


I promote our family network of sites at these sites weekly sharing new signups with our Leadership Members.  Join with a second g mail account so you do not clog up your Primary E Mail Account.

I use credits I receive from my referrals advertising.  I check my adds have credits assigned. This saves me a lot of time as I am advertising on auto pilot.

I redeem my commissions at the end of each month.

   I use GDI to design all my training pages you see..




I login to site back offices, sending communication updates to all my down line at all the sites you see listed in our down line builder.

Kiwi's earn 20% commissions from all sales made at my Etsy Or Trade Me Store.  User Id's are generated at Maree Designs.