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It amazes me how many members start out with a Hiss and A Roar. Then after a few months stray away, left wondering WHY they are not generating any sort of income.

This is the plan I have been following day in day out for years.

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  Start with Setting up your Down line Builder Program at Maree Designs.

Then do as I do working from this page daily. 

I work from this page daily. Clicking the links gaining access to the sites back offices. I open two or three sites multi task surfing.  Flicking from one site to the next.

  Daily Surf at DWSEarner.

New to DWSEarner.  All members click the banner then click the Connect with Our Santa Club at face book Icon.  Be sure View The  Admin Watch  and Ticket Winner banners on the home page.

Most Important LOCK in your traffic view GIG at my Fiverr Store.

All Premium Gigs Plus OTO GIGs activate our Monday Cash Give Aways and Thurs Random Down line!



I load the Prize Box Every Monday. Enter Promo Code downline to share our new signups on Every Thurs.

All other members if they win! The cash value is redeemed into Advertising Credits to the same value.


  Daily Actions at DWSEarner.

Members Surf N Win Bitcoin! Click to redeem when you see the banner or Prize Box. Click to Redeem all Tickets for Monthly Raffle and Tokens to play the progressive jackpot  when surfing.  Pick N Win blocks.  CHECK winners with logging into the home page and clicking the Reward Tab.

I have designed a Unique Bitcoin Faucet.  Paying Cash to members Bit coin Wallets when they active the Fiverr Traffic View Gig. Free members winnings are redeemed into advertising credits.

Check Daily the Surf Chat Bar for Random Promo code cash giveaways.
Weekend Surfer Frenzy activates. Faster surfing, double credit and purchase.       

In To Win Fab Advertising Prizes when you play our unique games.

Receive Admin Watch Points when I Surf and see promotions of members DWSEarner Promo Wall Gateway promotions at DWSEarner or when I see DWSEarner Splash Page promotions at Our Outside Advertising Portholes.

Redeem Daily Surfer Rewards Before logging out.

How To Activate Your Promo Wall. Go to The Home Page Click Affiliates then Click Affiliate tool box ito find your promo wall link.

Go and click Adds then click websites. Adding your promo wall link here.

How to activate Promo Codes you will find listed randomly at the Surf Chat bar OR inserted in my Email Newsletters.

YOU need to log into DWSEarner Home Page Click above Surf > THEN Click  Enter Surf Code.
Where it reads Enter A Surf Promo Code.
Enter the code then click the Add Blue Button.  At the left it will now read.Code Accepted!
Surf 100 pages and receive:
It will not activate your entry until you surf the required amount of sites.

How to redeem Surfer Rewards Daily.  Click Above Surf > Then Surf Rewards.




Social Media is a great Free Way to generate Sign ups.

I spend every Sunday and Monday writing articles and connecting with members. 

I surf at Click Voyager for double credits every Monday.  Free Traffic Lotto I redeem tickets into winnings and check my promotions still have credits added.

Dollar Wise at Facebook.                           https://youtu.be/DravIiKXUN0

Email Marketing Social Media Set up.       https://youtu.be/CepLh4k_Eaw







*   You sell products via any of our sites you earn.
*  Your down line sell products via any of our sites you earn.

*  You buy products via any of our sites you earn.

*  Your downline buys products via any of our sites you earn.

*  Your down line sell products via any of my sites you earn.

*  Your invest with any of our DLBuilder sites. YOU Earn. 

*  Down line duplicate the same system. YOU Earn.

*  No time to surf check out my Fiverr Gigs. Cash back rewards.

Do Not Be Lured Away by Emails full of Hype and False Promises.

Do Not Believe everything you see when surfing.

Make this a Year Long Project.. Following Our Daily Schedule.

Tuesday and Wednesday. 

I log into all my advertising portholes back office. I do Forum Posts at SFI and study all SFI Updates.

Listen to the video. I share all new signups.  I start each day at SFI. Then follow this plan.

Sending communication updates to all my down line. Each site offers down line communications.

Be sure to message all your team at DWSEarner Weekly.

I check my earnings with investments at Free bitcoin.


Daily I log in every hour redeem my free bitcoin.

I log in weekly and add credits earned from downline.


I have received lots of prizes from SFI. Click Me.