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Questions Answered

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Questions answered.

1)  Since I am not in your SFI down line, how do I deal with your links: dollarwise-network, competitions, getting started, etc.

Answer. First these are the training links for every one. I update them all the time. You do not need to be in my down line as when your team view and participate, you will receive the commissions earned from your down line.  It also gives you a guide line on how to support your down line. Duplicating my Leader Ship Board etc.

Sending them posts Via the Genelogy tab.

If any member purchases from me the advertising packages or setting up their GDI website. You benefit from all the purchases.

Your GDI website states for members to join from your GDI banner before purchasing.  So it does not matter that my GDI link appears in the sale package. As they will already be a member.

Eca Shopping Page. You will earn commissions at SFI when your down line purchase from any of these stores.

You can also offer to add ECA stores to your shopping page. Telling members to pay you Via paypal.  You set the price you would like to charge.

Then email me to add what stores you would want listed.

I offer to add 3 stores FREE of charge to your ECA shopping page. After that you will need to purchase from me.

I offer to add three stores to your shopping page with each purchase. Remember I have over 50 different GDI sites I maintain.  So I can not be doing everything FREE>

If you have an ECA store you need to send me the link.  I will add that to the top of your ECA shopping page.

How do I find my promotional links once I join the sales generating lead sites to send to you.

2)  Once you join the sites, you need to log into these sites and copy your promotional link.

Then I will log back into your site, changing my sales generating lead site links to yours.

To get your promotional link. Log into the traffic exchanges. At the left click promo material. You will find your link here.  

Explains how to add SFI links to Traffic  Exchanges etc. Plus communicate at A2A

I email all my downline from within the Traffic Exchange sites.


Duplicate these posts changing my SFI link Plus GDI Link to yours.

Also this  explains how to participate at Free Ad Money and Stiforps. Let me know if they are easy to understand.  Training for Stiforps

Question 2) Sales Funnel page:  If I join these sites. How do I get members to join from my links not yours.

When members start joining the sites on the Sales Funnel page I go and set up their Sales funnel page at their GDI website adding their links.

This page is for dedicated members following the plan. Once they have joined the sites at their sales generating leads program.

These are the sites I suggest to use down line earnings to upgrade at. Promoting SFI and StiforPs on Auto Pilot.

Yes it takes time to set up. But once it is done you will reap the rewards. Creating quite a snow ball effect. Growing larger day by day. Month by Month. Year by Year.

REMEMBER it has taken me years setting up my Dollar Wise Plan.  AND YES I am upgraded at all the sites you see listed, using down line earnings.

Cheers Maree.

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SFI Dollar Wise Network

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Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more. SFI is all you need.

How to prosper in 2014. Join our SFI dollar Wise Network. 

An hour a day will see you achieve great results. Remember it takes time, dedication, duplication, communication and most important promoting to create a snow ball effect building a nest egg, imagine the excitement at watching it grow larger day by day.

By learning to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business. 

GifsThis Is A Must - Join our SFI Dollar Wise Network.

SFI teamed with GDI Win Win.

Your goal is to achieve the same results.  Make this your 2014 long term project.


Upgraded at all the sales generating lead sites.

Paid with your down line earnings at SFI and GDI.

Sign up to GDI here

I charge a one off fee to set up your SFI leads generating sales program. With training links for all your down line to view when you are off line.


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Thoughts of the day

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I was just reading my Guest Book. What a lovely comment Dennis left. It all is about Team Support. Be sure to leave me a message.

SFI teamed with GDI win win situation.

Sign up FREE  SFI

Sign up Free GDI 

1.     Set up your standing order at SFI.
I see it as no out of pocket expenses. As you will be purchasing items already added to your house hold budget.
2.     Join our SFI Dollar Wise Network. More resources to earn more income by having your own SFI training link plus SFI shopping link.
You can learn while training down line at the same time. By giving them access to your website when off line. Team support is the key.
Once you have purchased this package then go and apply for your GDI Website. (Do not upgrade we use them solely for the .ws domain)
Example of what your website would look like.
3.     Work from this page daily. Promoting and participating at SFI. 

YOUR goal is to achieve the same results.

My tip. Set your goals. Then work at achieving them.  This is what I have achieved within six months by following my Dollar Wise Plan.
Remember no participation, communication or promoting will result in no earnings. 

I have given you the plan. Now it is your job to put it into action.
GDI  Diamond Executive level
SFI   Silver Team Leader.
Upgrades paid for all the sales generated lead sites. With down line earnings from SFI and GDI.

Very simple. Participate daily at SFI. Then log into your GDI website. Promoting SFI at the sale generating lead sites.  Update your team with your blog at GDI.
Make sure in all communications to finish with. Be sure to view my free step by step training website.  (change to your link if you have a GDI website.)


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SFI teamed with GDI Win Win

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When you sign up with GDI, it is for a 7 day Free trial. Then you will be charged in 7 days time the $10.  Then  Monthly $10. I signed up with PayPal.


Make sure to click GDI bonuses and be in to win great rewards. Take note of the instructions you need to follow. Sending in required documents to be paid.

Once your website is set up.

In all communications with down line at SFI. Finish all posts duplicating Glen's.

Remember to change his links to yours.

Be sure to view my Free step by step guide on how and were to promote SFI.
Join our SFI Dollar Wise Network. Sign up Free. 7 day trial. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Best spent $10 per month. Applying for your own GDI domain so Maree can set up your SFI training website.

More information about the benefits of SFI teamed with GDI.

Cheers Glen

SFI Silver Team Leader


How I start each day.
I log into SFI and do the to do list.
I connect with A2A members daily.  I reply to them all, inviting them to join our SFI Dollar Wise Network
I spend a little time reading at the ASK SC
When you rate answers in "Ask SC" pay special attention to answers that come from Affiliates who have produced successful results over longer periods of time.
Successful Affiliates leave clues in their answers like " earn a full-time income I did..." or "...I produced X results using X strategy...". X being something specific!

I log into Dollar wise surfing 3 traffic exchanges daily in rotation. Then I assign credits to SFI
I send posts away at the safe lists daily.
I log in once a week to my traffic exchanges and send welcome emails inviting new down line to join me at SFI.
At the beginning of each week. I send an update about SFI to all my PSA and CSA down line. Via the Geneology tab.
Duplicate these posts changing my SFI link Plus GDI Link to yours.

Cheers Maree
Remember to send me your ECA link to add to our shopping pages.
Silver Team Leader.

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Welcome. SFI teamed with GDI

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Morning all and welcome to all my new team. I suggest take a little time and read some of my entries from 2011. How I was affected by the Earthquakes.

Dollar Wise was originally designed in 2009 when my son Kabyn joined in my down line when I had a website Maree Designs with GDI.

I cancelled my Maree Designs website as after the Earth Quakes I no longer had the stock to sell. So I put everything on hold for a few years. I then purchased another Domain with GDI calling it Kiwi Talk. This is where I wrote all my articles about surviving the Christ Church Earthquakes. Also I promote here Trade Me. New Zealands Version of Trade Me.

Read my posts about SFI in 2011 when I was a member. Sadly I was a Free member, so after the earthquakes when I could not participate with SFI as I had no access to the internet.  I lost all my down line.

I reactivated my SFI account in June 2013.  I made sure to set up a standard order. So no matter what the circumstances I will always be an Active Team Leader.

If you view my profile you will see the success I have achieved in a few short months. 

Your goal is to achieve the same results.


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