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Welcome to our Santa Club. Lets all prosper in 2019.

This is your GOAL To Set.  YOUR one time payment will generate cash back rewards for the full year from all the sales you generate introducing members to our Santa Club Fiverr Gig. 

Receive random reassigned referrals!  Depending on the Gig you lock in Depends of the commissions paid to your bitcoin wallet.

Basic  Gig Members Receive 20% cash back rewards.

Standard Gig Members Receive 30% cash back rewards. 

Premium Gig Members Receive 40% cash back rewards.

I use the LFMTE Script to generate client Id's at DWSEarner.

Find listed here all cash back rewards listed on the commission page.

After the 25th of January the offer goes back to be included with matching monthly entry with any purchase at my Fiverr Store of A Standard or Premium Gig. 

After you have purchased your Fiverr Gig .  Click the banner and give our Santa Page A Like.

( I have been running my Santa Club at Face Book Since 2015. ) 

Log into DWSEarner and enter the Promo Code SantaClub.  Random giveaways all year.

Our Santa Club Competition Winners are drawn on the 15th of December. 

Double jackpot and raffle winnings. From Nov 25th until Jan 25th.

Do you live in New Zealand.  Time to activate NZGift Promo Code at DWSEarner to be in to win mystery parcels in the post.  Send me an email with your Address to post to all winners.

ALL Members enter Promo Code AdminWatch to be in to win Weekly Advertising or Cash.

NEW to DWSEarner .  Work your way though these Promo Codes.

YOU can only activate ONE AT A Time.  Welcome.  Surf50    Surf100   Surf500.



Promote and Earn .  Click the banner and join us at Maree Designs.

Find in the back office all the training videos and article related to affiliate marketing. 

Click down line builder at DWSEarner and Maree Designs,  be sure to add your information.

YOU do not want to be passing up your referrals simply because you forget to do this


Click Affiliates at the left. Grab your gateway link and blast it at all these recommended down line programs.

Learn how with promoting JUST ONE GATEWAY LINK> YOU will start to generate Numerous Different Income Streams.  As your team duplicate the same system.

VERY Simple THIS is the work schedule I will be following Day in Day Out in 2019. 

I update these pages often.

AS some times sites can change with the wind.

This is the plan I follow daily for SFI.

All I can do is show you the plan I follow daily.

Your earnings and team building will be determined by your own promotional efforts.



December will rock at SFI as they are giving 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of fresh, new CSAs Away!

ECA Xmas & New Year Rewards .   Starting today until January the 25th..

All purchases of the package will receive Double Credits + Matching monthly entry into our Santa Club at Facebook. Activates One Month Premium at DWSEarner our one stop communication advertising funnel work Station for SFI team building.

YOU can use your T Credits to lock in.  TCredit Price: 167
purchase earns  182 VP + 10 Rewardicals. 

Receive random new PSA members if in my SFI team.

Check out the Fab Prize Giveaways at my One Stop Communication Work Station.

My way of saying thanks for all my team and friends support.
1000's of Real People are using SFI to earn a real income online.
Not a member sign up via triple clicks today.
THEN use the same Log In Details for SFI.

If you only have a small budget and an hour per day to spare.
Make SFI your first Monthly Investment..
Imagine if I had given up in 2013. Simply because I did not understand SFI.
I would not be the success I am today.

I have an advertising Budget of $500 I will be using for promoting SFI. 

If in my SFI Down line (12 Levels Deep) receive Random new PSA Signups with every purchase. 

Be sure to reply after purchases with your SFI Id so I can record it to reassign members to your team.

MEMBERS not in my SFI team will receive Random referrals at DWSEarner. 

Be sure to send me your DWSEarner User Name.

So stock pile your Packages at my ECA Store today. Receiving a new share of referrals with each purchase.

Have your Santa Club Activated for Our Yearly Draw on the 15th, and lots of other giveaways.

Be sure to check us out at Face Book Often.  As offers will self destruct in 3 days.



You may also lock in Monthly paying with your commissions at DWSEarner.

Earning Basic Gig cash back rewards from all your team purchases.

Click Ads >>Buy Credits. Click the pay with commissions button at our DWSEarner Store.

All Premium Gigs include One Santa Gift Card. Value US $20.

Saving towards next Xmas. This is banked into our Santa Club Bit Coin Wallet.

Imagine your investments in a years time, from all your spending at my Fiverr Store.

Earnings are paid out depending on the Bitcoin Value around Dec 15th in 2019.

To receive Santa Club Gift Card Payments. YOU must have an active Fiverr Gig.

Click the banner and lock in your Fiverr Gig.