Social media    is a great way to participate FREE daily.

BUT be aware there are a lot of horrible people out there.

Full of promises and false claims.  NEVER believe everything you READ.

FACE BOOK I love. Suggestion!  Before accepting NEW connections. 

Check the profile of the individual first before accepting.

SEE how their Face Book Page is Designed. 

People will still slip through the net. I receive Daily Marriage Invites, Porn Clips.

Scam Invites to horrible sites. Always ask me first before joining new sites.

I do not Stress, when replying to messages, click the name of the individual then simple de- friend them.  I block all users that send Porn clips.

How to set up your Face Book Account.

Sign Up Free. I blast posts daily at these three sites.


Refer 5 new members from your SFI team to receive a Free Monthly Upgrade. 

Check out my Brand Page. Give it a like and duplicate. Adding your GDI website link.

This is the article I designed at Ap Sense.

The beauty is you get a Free Upgrade with referring 5 of your team to AP Sense.

Prosper in 2015. Team Support is the key at SFI.

I have been upgraded here since 2011.  Blasting my promoting for SFI daily.

Set up your Ap Sense Network.  

Your profile is an important part of your membership at AP Sense.
When other members want to write a recommendation for you,
the Resources and Experiences sections of your profile will need to be completed.

1: Add Resources: Websites you manage, businesses you own, skills you have etc.

2: Add Experience: Work history, Online experience, Expertise etc.

Every Monday connect with new members at the right at AP sense.

Free months Upgrade. Simply by referring 5 members.  Click referrals, see if qualified.

Our Rewards Program is simple and easy to participate. There's no need to signup for this, every APSense user is automatically entered into our Affiliate Rewards Program. This is our way of saying "Thank You" for helping our business social community grow.

  • If you are a Basic Member you will earn 5% commision. (Monthly Residual Income)
  • If you are a Pro Member you will earn 10% commision. (Monthly Residual Income)
  • If you are a Premium Member you will earn 25% commision. (Monthly Residual Income)
  • If you are a Deluxe Member you will earn 40% commision. (Monthly Residual Income)
  • Invite Your Friends

    The first and easiest step to referring others to AP Sense is inviting those people that you already know.  

  • Click above Accounts. Then in the drop down box select Referral Program.
  • Click the blue writing  Click here to send invitations now.
    You can import contacts from your existing accounts or invite your friends to join your network on APSense.
  • Choose the Provider. I click G Mail.  Add a personal greeting. I suggest.

  •  Join me at Ap Sense this is where I promote SFI on a daily basis. 

  • Where it says select emails. Tick Select all.  Then tick Send invitation. All done.

Rotate these posts at Ap Sense Daily.

Log into the hope Page. Select the line you wish to promote.

Copy and Paste it into the empty box where it reads update status..

Market yourself, your ideas and your products for FREE. Over 100,000 members, waiting to connect.

SFI is incredible for internet marketers. Go and create your FREE Account. Established 1998

SFI is simply amazing. Create your own personal website right now for FREE.

Have you seen this yet? Set up your own selling website in just a few minutes and all for FREE!

Are you participating with SFI yet? Stop what you're doing and check it our now ... trust me!

What's all the fuss about? Get your own selling website for FREE at SFI and you'll see!

SFI is unlike anything you have ever seen. You need to be using this system right now! Join Free

Then click Attach a link and copy and paste your SFI referral link.

At the right scroll down to where it reads.

Members Online  Click the Connect button and start building your online Network of friends.


Create Your Own Articles and share them with the A PSense community.

If users like it and it becomes popular, your contents will be listed on our hot contents areas such as our home page, newsletters and article directory.

Your articles can be anything from success stories to business how to's.

At the left click Articles. Then click Create New Article.  Here are mine for some idea.s

New Launch. Free Team Building Support. ZubeeZone

join ZubeeZone. Traffic Exchange Reward System.Zubee Zone rewards you for your participating with Traffic Exchanges. 

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Let me Introduce Myself.

My story is this …Nothing to something within 5 years. The Internet lifestyle is something that was very appealing to me after the Christchurch Earthquakes. Giving me the means to generate a real income working from home.  Unfortunately many people don’t know where to start. 

Signing u... Read More

Daily to Do Plan I follow. Team building SFI

Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more.

Lock in Now to the original Work from home Program. How I generate a Real Income Working from home.My core program is SFI.

I design my training website at GDI. 

Using Traffic... Read More

Daily Rewarding My Team for Participation

Dollar Wise is a Free Step by Step training guide I designed in 2011. Supporting all my down line at numerous websites I belong to.  Teaching them how I promote SFI on Auto Pilot. Generating numerous income resources while promoting SFI on Auto Pilot. IBO Social is one of the sites listed i... Read Mor

Dollar Wise Network. How to generate a Real Income Working From Home.

Free Step by Step Guide on how to generate a real income Working From Home.Newbies do not stress Sign up then follow the training guide below. How I team SFI with GDI and Traffic Wave.  Winning Combination. With being upgraded I receive random down line I introduce to my Dollar Wise Network.

Th... Read More

Seven Steps To Success. Newbie Guide.


Yes I also started as a newbie with no understanding of SFI. Remember it takes time to build a successful business.SFI is my Core Program. This is how I build my team. Not a member Register FREE.

I team SFI with GDI and Traffic Wave. 

Winning Co... Read More


Take advantage of the new Page Tour tool and help your readers interact with your articles (and other content).

Create Your Own Business Discussions.

Build your own group or join an existing group, in any case you can start your own group subject discussions.

Join in the conversation by exploring and sharing your opinions with other users.

Create Partnerships and Outsourced jobs.

Use the News Feed to update when you have a Special Offer, Joint Venture or outsourced job available to help your business grow and prosper.

At the left you will see A Box that says Membership Click Edit Profile.

At the left start clicking each individual link and add your details.Experiences etc.

Brand Pages. View mine as an example

Click and give my page a like. Once you have designed your page

Log in Weekly click your link then click above PROMOTE. 

Tips To Start Your Campaign
1. Campaigns will automatically stop after 3 days.
2. The minimum cost per click is 10 credits.
3. Campaigns will stop if no credits available in your account.

Enter the title. I enter Kiwitalk Pays.

You will see your link listed. Tick 5 Industries associated with SFI. 

Select from the drop down box. Max Clicks.  I select 200

Select from the drop down box. Bid on Clicks.  I select 10

Click the blue box OK 

A new box will open showing you the campaign. CLICK the Orange box Create Campaign to do another. 

I use commissions to promote SFI at APSense.

Click the RED Button at the Left. Promote on ApSense 

A drop down box will appear select the option you wish to place your SFI add. 

I select side bar add. 

Click the orange Box Add A new add.

Ad Title *  Free. Random down line and Cash
Max 35 chars
Ad Link *
Text add.  24.7 support. Facebook mareesfi
Start generating a real income working from home.
Industries Tick 5 boxes.
Ad Duration  1 week cost is $10
Click the browse photo and select a button SFI banner from computer
Click the Blue button Order Now.

APSense Cash Balance OR  Select or PayPal


You have purchased the item successfully.

Free. Random down line and cash

24.7 support. Facebook mareesfi Start generating a real income working from home.




Check at the right Who's Viewed Your Profile?  My Example

Viewed 23,859 times in total.

I check results at SFI                 


maree wells
Member Since: 7/17/2011



Daily Check Emails and Redeem code.

Daily Blast A Post.

Weekly Write An Article.





Set aside half an hour to set up your IBO Network.

Log in. At the right Click Profile then Account. Add your paypal email address.

Work your way through. Entering your information.

Daily I log in and click Dash Board.  At the right click where you see + Add New Wall Entry.

maree wells     
Morning All. I love GDI I use them to design my IBO Training page for my team to view when I am off line. Join me here  click here Best $10 Monthly investment I have been paying since 2009.

Click My Leads to View Down line.

Click My Associates Weekly and  Accept members requests. Click the Green Thumb.

Click Advertising to set up promoting for SFI and DWSEarner.

How I do this.

Click Create New Add.

Select Which Add you wish to Create.  Must Match EG. 468x 60 Banner ONLY ADD THIS SIZE

Example for DWSEarner. 

I Select 250x250 Banner.

Website Link.

Graphic Url.

Display Location. Select where you wish to promote the 250 x 250 Banner. banner.

Click Save Add.

Example for Triple clicks. 

I Select 250x250 Banner.

Website Link.

Graphic Url.

Display Location. Select where you wish to promote the 250 x 250 Banner. banner.

Click Save Add.


Example for SFI. 

I Select 728x90 Banner.

Website Link.

Graphic URL. 

HOW To Transfer Credits for promoting.

At the top right of the Log In Page You will see what credits you have.

SIMPLE Click Credit Centre at the Right.

To Redeem email Credits.  Click where it reads  Credit codes.

Then Click  Convert Credits. 

Where it reads Credits to convert. Select from the drop down box. 

Wait for the box to read 500 Impressions then convert credits. 

Repeat transferring credits into Impressions. 

Then Return to Advertising and Set your promoting to ON..  


Example of A Post I Added.


  You can receive a 50% commission on credit purchases made by members you have referred.

  You must be an active clubIBO member at the time of the referral purchase to receive the commission.
  Minimum payout is $35.
  All commissions paid on the first of the month.
  Commissions are paid out via Paypal to the "Paypal" email in settings section.
  Sales prior to 9/17/2016 are not eligible for commissions.
  Commissions are for credits purchases, does not include clubIBO memberships.

Here Is What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
This past week, IBO development Team released another platform for the members to use! IBOanswers is a well thought out system modeled after the successful Yahoo Answers system. At IBOanswers you can get lots of exposure by helping others just by answering their questions. Additionally, you can run 468x60, 250x250, and 728x90 IBO ads on this platform. You will see these options available as a display location when setting up your IBO banner ads. IBOanswers is brand new and off to a powerful start!

How To Utilize the IBOtoolbox Wall Filters - Training 

At IBOtoolbox you can select what wall posts are displayed by utilizing the wall filter.

The wall filter you select will display only those specific wall posts.

The wall filter option is located at the top of wall as shown in the image below:

The default wall filter is "All Wall Posts". The posts displayed will be every wall post by all members.

To change the filter, simply click on the down arrow to the right of "All Wall Posts"

As IBOtoolbox grows, the wall filters will become an increasingly valuable tool to utilize if they aren't already. Certain wall posts will be easier to find and will not get lost. It will also help you keep the conversation going which is going to help you build those relationships with the other members and get you more exposure! Let's break down what each filter will do.

"My Wall Posts" - This filter will display all wall posts you have entered. It will also display comments that other members have left on those wall posts. Even though it will only display two comments at a time, you can always click on "more" below the last comment to display all comments.

"My Associates" - This filter will display all wall posts made by the members that you are associated with.

"Replies to my posts/comments" - This will display wall posts that I have made that have comments. I can tell you this tool is one of my favorites! It's a great way to keep the conversation going and not miss anything.

"New Members" - This filter displays all new member posts as well as their notification post that they just signed up with IBOtoolbox. This filter is a great way to welcome new members to IBOtoolbox!

"Non Associates"
- This will display all the posts of the members that you are not associated with.

"Press Releases" - Using this filter you will see all the recent press releases that were published making it easy not to miss anything!

"IBO Featured Member" - This filter will display all the posts of the IBO Featured Member of the Day! This is a great way to support the selected member on their special day and learn more about them!

"IBO Contributors"
- Members who purchase credits to extend their advertising reach or join ClubIBO are IBO Contributors and are known as being very serious business builder. This filter will display posts by these IBO's.

The next three filters will display posts from what might be considered the "movers and shakers" of IBO.

"IBO Top Enrollers"
- This filter displays the posts of those that really know how to recruit to IBOtoolbox. They see how valuable this platform is and they want to spread the word!

"IBO Big Dogs" - This display the posts of the "advertisering leaders" at IBO. These members have the most advertising running on the platform and its family of websites.

"IBO Traffic Leaders" - This filter displays the posts of the members that really know how to get traffic to their profile pages, IBOurls and their IBO invite pages.

By using the wall filters, it will give you a lot of flexibility to display the posts you want to see!

Connect with Our Groups At Face Book 

Join our team for free today and watch your income grow!

Face Book Domination.  Just share your SFI and Social Media Articles.

Check in Daily, you never know when I am giving random cash away for reading.

1,711 followers|34,677 views.   Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI.

No need to pay to get to the top of Google Search. Enter Maree Wells I achieve being listed at the top.

Very soon when members enter your name. They will see you listed as well.

1 TEAM  -  1 VISION  -  1 GOAL

When I post my SFI Gateway or an SFI Share-It to Facebook or Twitter, it is blocked. What can I do?

Here's What you need to do.  

Buy a Domain For Yourself, where you can design training articles then share the links at Face Book.

Note SFI recommend Go Daddy I prefer to use GDI. It works out a whole lot cheaper.  I have been with GDI since 2009.

I used GDI to Design our SFI training page in 2013. 

True 24.7 support for down line when off line.  

Organization is the Key. Having all your links at the One Location.

Stick to the basic .ws  $10 Package. Then email me your GDI user name password and SFI id to design the website.

That’s it--you’re ready to roll!

Note: If you haven't done so already, be sure you are subscribed to (just click the "Follow" link found in the right sidebar).

Once subscribed, you'll automatically receive an email each time news is posted so you'll never miss an important SFI announcement.


Read Some Of My Forum Threads At SFI.

How To Share These SFI Posts To Face Book. 

Rate this:  Click the stars to rate.  Click  Share this: Select face book Do not close browser.

A box will appear Say something about this.  Enter here your views about the new SFI update.

Click the blue link at the right Share this.

Return and Click Twitter.  Repeat.

IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!

Members who run ads on IBOtoolbox get great results!

Before you activate your ad, make sure to click on the "Preview" button to make sure your listing or banner ad is displaying correctly.

This button is located just to the right of the ad under "My Advertising". By utilzing this tool, you can be assured that your ad is displaying properly and that the website or the target url is correct before you turn the ad on and assign impressions!

Newsletter Credit Code! Check Emails Daily to Redeem.

We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code:
"XXXXXXX"To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", then click "Redeem Coupon", follow the instructions within the IBO Credit Code Redeemer box to unlock the redemption tool, enter in the code, and click "redeem coupon". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!