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lets talk Social Media. Instead of flicking here there and everywhere wasting your hard earned cash.
See how I achieve being listed at the top of Google Search FREE Google +

1,011 followers|25,677 views.  Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI and DWSEarner.

Google+ will have the most impact.Google Plus is specifically important, because whatever is shared on Google Plus is instantly indexed by Google.
You can create custom circles, like Customers, Colleagues, Family, Friends etc. and share posts relevant to a specific set of people.
This would help you avoid sharing irrelevant content with people. Not just this, you can actually create a complete blog post on Google Plus with its own url.
See what works best for you!
No matter which promotion tools you decide to use, always remember to target your content, give each promotion tool a separate,and an appropriate title.

Ap sense I joined in 2011.
Refer 5 in a month free upgrade to pro value $20

Duplicate my Pages.
Business Centre Set up is FREE.
View some of my articles I have designed there.

Be sure to set up your Branding page.

View my profile at LinKeDIn.
LinkedIn is another major social networking site that focuses on niche sectors and business.
View all my Training Articles you will see on my Profile Page.
Many individuals are able to pick up new clients, promote new products or websites, or receive a full-time job because of the way they utilize the Groups, Companies, or Q&A sections of LinkedIn.
Also, keep in mind that you can export your LinkedIn contacts to Excel to be added to your email client at any time.LinkedIn would probably be most effective. In general, a combination of platforms usually works best.
See if you can duplicate the same profiles. Changing my links to yours. Start with doing a draft copy on your computer.
Then copy and paste it over to LinkedIn and ApSense..

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world.
With over 500 million users, the marketing potential is huge.
Your friends, family, peers and colleagues all reside here - your biggest fans!
Facebook is great because it is easy for your followers to share your website or blog with a simple click which can increase traffic to your site.
View a few of my pages and groups I have designed at Face Book.

Twitter users see hundreds of tweets on a daily basis.
 In order to pick out the information that is most applicable to their interests, smart Twitter users make use of hashtags and Twitter communities.
Twitter makes content easily searchable, so long as you're using the right keywords.
Twitter would be the most effective site for linking to your affiliate programs.

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Remember the good old days, when the expression “You’ve Got Mail” was something that excited you.. It did me.

Then the Nigerian schemes, lottery scams, and piles of unsolicited spam and junk mail started to fill up our inboxes.. Annoying as we were left in doubt as who to trust.

People were emailing all sorts of rubbish, introducing the next best thing since sliced bread.. Which normally just turned out to be Pie In the sky fairy tale's.


I use Traffic Wave to keep all my team updated.  WHY you ASK?

In 2013 I originally joined Traffic Wave to keep my Teams from numerous different programs I belong with informed.

As my Teams have grown. I wanted to be able to provide a step by step daily training guide for all my new members. 

It started to get very confusing as to which member had received what training email.

The beauty with Traffic Wave is. I simple designed my Training articles.

Set the timer on when I wanted them sent over a two week period for members to receive into their email inbox. 

That  way they were not overloaded with information.

Members register when they join me at any of my programs.

So I have lots of members receiving different email training.

All is sorted on Auto Pilot. No confusion or frustration.  

NOW I design Campaigns for all my individual On Line Programs.

Join Traffic Wave.  Here is where you can access your own Reference Library.

View my Video I have designed. Guide to using Traffic Exchanges.  

1. Email marketing is easy.

One of the reasons email marketing is so valuable for business owners is that it is an easy way to start reaching consumers without requiring a big investment in new technology or software.

It has tripled my sales at SFI since I began using Traffic Wave for updates and newsletters.

2. Email marketing is effective.

Being a relatively easy strategy makes email marketing very appealing.

But one of the biggest benefits to email marketing is how very effective it is at helping business owners and consumers stay connected.

Consumers often seek out email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands and local stores.

28 percent of US online shoppers intentionally subscribe to receive store and product related emails. (Nielson)

59 percent of US moms say they would sign up for email updates from brands if rewards were offered (Loyalty 360)

There is real value to staying connected to your customers. Email marketing makes that easy to do.

Still asking, “Why Does Email Marketing Work?” Keep reading …

3. Email marketing is adaptable.

The versatility of email marketing is a major reason marketers should keep this tool in their marketing toolbox. Email marketing messages can range from simple to very complex. Emails can be personalized to include the name of the user and even more.

Many of the personalization tactics used on web sites can easily be applied to email marketing. (Rentention Science)

4. Email marketing is inexpensive.

The best reason to use email marketing? It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Email marketing allows business owners and entrepreneurs to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of pennies per message as compared to much more strategies such as TV, radio, or direct mail.

And it’s not just saying this.

A study from Forrester Research  found that 85 percent of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

The point is this: Email marketing may be an old tactic,

It may be misused by some but it remains a vital strategy.

It is relatively easy to get started with email marketing.

So there really is no excuse for business owners to not be taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool. As Traffic Wave Supply great training tools.

SO do not delay if you have not signed up With TRAFFIC WAVE.

Make the best decisions and sign up today.

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Once full, then we move on promoting the next new members.

Building their team with 5. So on and so on down the chain.

Team Leader leading by example.

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